Soni Kim, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist

Location: 3363 Linden Ave, #C, Long Beach
Fast Contact: Email or Call Dr. Kim.

I feel that the varied training and experiences I've had as a psychologist, such as teaching, training, performing psychological testing and assessments, help me to understand my clients from a more comprehensive perspective. I focus on understanding the individual and his or her unique life experiences so that we can work together to find solutions that fit my client. In my experience, changes that my clients experience tend to be on a deeper level and are often life changing. Psychotherapy is truly an investment in one's life that can pay back over the life time.

Anthony Fiore, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

Location: 1945 Palo Verde Avenue, Suite 202, Long Beach
Fast Contact: Email or Call Dr. Fiore.

I am a Ph.D. psychologist. My approach to helping people is to use short-term evidenced-based therapeutic techniques for your particular disorder, problem, or issue. I believe in first assessing the problem and then developing an individualized treatment plan to help you resolve it. I use skill-building approaches that are practical and useful and which require active patient participation both in sessions and between sessions.

Dr. Carol Francis, Psy.D., MFT, CHypT,

Clinical Psychologist, Marriage, Family & Child, Hypnosis

Location: 3655 Torrance Blvd 318, Torrance
Fast Contact: Email or Call Dr. Francis.

As a Psychologists Dr. Carol Francis uses many tools in addition to counseling marriages, families and children or being a life coach. After 36 years of being a Psychologist, counselor, hypnotherapist, marriage and parenting coach, and child psychotherapist, she finds combining the broad range of tools available is more helpful to you, your family, relationships, career, happiness, and successes. Psychoanalytic work, in-depth self-exploration, brain entrainment, biofeedback, NLP, EMDR, EFT, CBT, and many other therapies are available to help you. Psychological evaluations, court evaluations, or educational evaluation needed are within this expertise too as needed. 310-543-1824

Mark Ingram, Psy. D.

Licensed Psychologist

Location: 2790 Skypark Drive, Suite 210, Torrance
Fast Contact: Email or Call Dr. Ingram.

My therapeutic approach integrates psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral (CBT) techniques. CBT allows us to address your most immediate issues by developing skills to help you gain a level of control and relief as soon as possible. Psychodynamic methods allows us to address the thoughts and feelings that are the genesis of the problem. Very often these thoughts and feelings are rooted in your early life experiences and continue to influence your life today. Working through and resolving these early-life issues is critical to helping you improve your functioning in every area of your life. As each individual is unique, so must be the treatment.

Lauren Muhlheim, Psy.D., CEDS

Clinical Psychologist

Location: 4929 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 245, Los Angeles
Fast Contact: Email or Call Dr. Muhlheim.

There are many types of counselors who provide psychotherapy. As a clinical psychologist (Psy.D.), I am trained in both the the art of psychotherapy and the science of psychology. I received clinical training in a research lab that was doing clinical trials and as such, I only utilize treatment techniques that have been empirically validated through extensive research. These techniques are effective in providing relatively rapid relief from uncomfortable symptoms and in encouraging lasting behavioral changes which maintain gains and prevent relapse.

Carl Wells, Carl S. Wells Ph.D

California Licensed Clinical Psychologist, MFT

Location: 16168 Beach Blvd. #241, Huntington Beach
Fast Contact: Email or Call Dr. Wells.

I am an experienced and highly trained psychotherapist who can quickly identify psychological problems and help you learn solutions . Although I specialize in anxiety disorders I also treat those who suffer from depression and psychotic disorders. Using effective and proven cognitive behavior therapy I have helped many people. I offer 1/2 off the 2nd session.

Roni(t) Meshi M Lami, Ph.D., MSc

Licensed Clinical Psychologist/Hypnotherapist; Org. Psych.

Location: Roxbury Drive, Los Angeles
Fast Contact: Email or Call Dr. Meshi M Lami.

Dr truly care about my clients and want the best possible results for them. Whether you are struggling to overcome a life issue or you are going through a difficult time with your spouse, Dr. Lami in is here to help. She is committed to providing a comfortable environment for every client, and is here to offer you a number of services to address any need you may have. Whether you are simply feeling down or you are having difficulties coping with a specific life issue, Dr Lami will provide you with the assistance you need. At her office in Beverly Hills, the commitment is to help all clients to overcome what is troubling them. By discussing your issues with a professional psychologist, you c

Claire Vines, Doctor of Psychology

Doctor of Clinical Psychology, Marriage & Family Psychotherapist, Trauma Therapist

Location Near Therapist: Compton, CA
Fast Contact: Email or Call Dr. Vines.

Psychology defines an understanding of human behavior. The role of a psychologist is to assist individuals of all ages who experience mental health dysfunctions, enhancing and promoting their individual wellbeing. I will create and monitor appropriate programs of treatment to include therapy in collaboration with other health professionals if required. I will assess and diagnose your individual need, ability and behavior using various approaches and methods. I will offer psychotherapy for difficulties related to depression, anxiety, risky behaviors, addictions and social / interpersonal problems.

Craig Clark, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Location: 1800 Fair Oaks Avenue, South Pasadena
Fast Contact: Email or Call Dr. Clark.

Dr. Clark has served South Pasadena and surrounding areas as a psychologist for over 20 years, providing adult and adolescent psychotherapy, career counseling, and marriage counseling (including issues of infedelity, infertility, sexual dysfunction, and sexual addiction). Although relationship and employment issues are the most common cnocerns, other specialties including, marriage counseling, parenting difficulties, career counseling, financial "mismanagement", adjustment to chronic illness, addictions, and criminal accusations.

Verdant Oak Behavioral Health, Psy.D. and Ph.D.


Location: 1605 Hope Street, Suite 210, SOUTH PASADENA
Fast Contact: Email or Call Dr. .

Comprehensive Psychological Care VOBH provides mental health services for your whole family. Services include: • Individual psychotherapy • Couples therapy • Family therapy • Group therapy • Diagnostic Assessment VOBH values diversity and recognizes the importance of finding a psychologist and therapeutic approach that works best for your current needs. As such, we offer a variety of therapeutic modalities to address more recent problems or longer-standing struggles.

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A Compton CA psychologist can assess, diagnose and treat a vast array of issues and disorders. Anxiety, depressive, disassociate, impulse-control, mood disorders, and personality disorders are just a few of the conditions (see DSM-IV) that a qualified psychologist Compton, CA is capable of treating. Psychology is the ream of the mind, personality and behavior. In addition to diagnosing and treating mental disorders, Compton CA psychologists are adept counselors and well qualified in helping individuals, families, relationships, and marriages in California. If you are seeking a psychologist Compton, CA, Theravive is ready to help you today.

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