Paul Glass, PhD

Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Director/Supervisor

Location: 2717 N Grandview Blvd. Suite 303, Waukesha

Psychologists have doctoral degrees and have been trained in understanding the brain/mind, behavior, clinical testing, and research etc. This provides a very comprehensive bckground for exploring individual, couples, family, chemical use problems and many more difficulties that complicate human lives and their interactions. Explore the complications you are experiencing with a psychologist. As a psychologist I am listed in the National Register, have hospital practice experience, have taught psychology on the graduate university level, have received training at Harvard Medical School, and Northwestern University. I always have confidence that positive changes can be made by anyone.

Psychologist Elm Grove WI.

A Elm Grove WI psychologist can assess, diagnose and treat a vast array of issues and disorders. Anxiety, depressive, disassociate, impulse-control, mood disorders, and personality disorders are just a few of the conditions (see DSM-IV) that a qualified psychologist Elm Grove, WI is capable of treating. Psychology is the ream of the mind, personality and behavior. In addition to diagnosing and treating mental disorders, Elm Grove WI psychologists are adept counselors and well qualified in helping individuals, families, relationships, and marriages in Wisconsin. If you are seeking a psychologist Elm Grove, WI, Theravive is ready to help you today.

Welcome to our network of of Psychologists in Elm Grove WI, trained to help you overcome and resolve the issues you face. If you are seeking a Elm Grove Psychologist, we are here to listen and to help. Please click on any Psychologist in Elm Grove WI below for contact information. Your Elm Grove Psychologist will work together with you to reach your goals, and will uphold the caring values in therapy that are important to you.