Tompkins and Associates, Psy.D. and Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologists

Location: 1801 N. Mill Street, Suite C, Naperville 60563
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Tompkins and Associates are a team of highly trained Child/Adolescent and Family psychologists. We are expert in our fields, some of us having trained other psychologists, conducted workshops at national and international conferences and written university level text books in our fields. We are professional and compassionate. We are highly trained to assess, evaluate and treat mental health issues in children/adolescents/families and women, including women with perinatal mood issues.

Mark D. Parisi, Psy.D. and Associates, P.C.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist / Company President

Location: , Naperville 60540
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Mark D. Parisi, Psy.D. & Associates, P.C. is a well-respected, multi-specialty group practice. We have six (6) Licensed Clinical Psychologists on staff. Among our psychologists, we accept most insurance plans and speak six (6) different foreign languages, including Russian, Polish, Spanish, Hindi, Gujarati, and Tagalog. Our psychologists offer comprehensive services including counseling for individuals, families, and couples and work with clients ranging in age from 3 - 103. We also offer expert neuropsychological evaluation.

Jane Houghtaling Walker, PhD, HSPP

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Location: 616 W 5th Ave, Ste B, Naperville 60563
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Trained at Purdue University, I have been a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (post-PhD) since 1996. My breadth and depth of education and experience have prepared me to tackle everyday types of challenges, as well as very complicated and challenging mental illnesses/circumstances. I treat people who have mental health or relationship difficulties, some of whom also have medical illnesses, adoption, infertility, abuse/neglect, prior trauma, and other "stuff" that makes all of this harder. I find my experience particularly enables me to address what is "really going on."

Leyden Dupage Counseling Service, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Location: 1717 Naper Blvd., Suite 200, Naperville 60563
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Leyden Dupage Counseling has clinical psychologists and educational psychologists at selected offices. When you need counseling-Marriage Counseling....Individual Therapy..........Family Sessions.......or help with children and adolescents CALL 877 453 3411............Counseling Sessions focus on the present, with reflection on the past where relevant, so that emotions, behavior and thinking are connected to new life strategies and insights. ... There is an emphasis on internalizing these strategies and insights in practical way to encourage positive lasting changes. PROBLEM AREAS WE CAN HELP YOU WITH: MARRIAGE/RELATIONSHIP.... ANGER MANAGEMENT........CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS, ...DEPRESSIO

Psychologist Naperville.

A Naperville psychologist can assess, diagnose and treat a vast array of issues and disorders. Anxiety, depressive, disassociate, impulse-control, mood disorders, and personality disorders are just a few of the conditions (see DSM-IV) that a qualified psychologist Naperville, IL is capable of treating. Psychology is the ream of the mind, personality and behavior. In addition to diagnosing and treating mental disorders, Naperville psychologists are adept counselors and well qualified in helping individuals, families, relationships, and marriages in Illinois. If you are seeking a psychologist Naperville, IL, Theravive is ready to help you today.

Welcome to our network of of Psychologists in Naperville, trained to help you overcome and resolve the issues you face. If you are seeking a Naperville Psychologist, we are here to listen and to help. Please click on any Psychologist in Naperville below for contact information. Your Naperville Psychologist will work together with you to reach your goals, and will uphold the caring values in therapy that are important to you.