Megan Goodwin, Psy.D.


Location: 727 Industrial Ave, #104, San Carlos
Fast Contact: Email or Call Dr. Goodwin.

Dr. Goodwin is a Stanford trained psychologist who has experience working with adults and teens around a wide variety of issues. If you are looking for support and expertise navigating difficult life events, moods, or relationship, with a warm and non-judgmental therapist, call Dr. Goodwin. She uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychotherapy, and other empirically tested approaches with clients.

Anne Perry, Psy.D

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Location: 1660 S. Amphlett Blvd Suite 380, San Mateo
Fast Contact: Email or Call Dr. Perry.

I am a cognitive behavioral therapist with a psychodynamic background---this means that I actively collaborate with clients to individually cater a treatment plan with meaningful goals towards change. We work together to focus on how your thoughts, emotions and behaviors are related; through goals and our relationship, I work with clients to enhance coping skills and make observable change. However, I believe that change is not possible without a safe and collaborative relationship between the client and therapist---both the therapeutic alliance and goal attainment are equally important to me.

The Scott, Licensed & Credentialed MDs, Ph.Ds, Psy.Ds, et al.

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Location: ,
Fast Contact: Email or Call The Scott.

We are a specialized team of psychologists with doctoral degrees and are flown in from around the country for you to receive the finest psychological care possible. Modern psychology now provides a wide variety of specialties such as: neuropsychology, psychological and intelligence testing, industrial counseling, and health psychology, somatic biofeedback and neurofeedback for selected stress, somatic and neurobiological problems.  We are some of the original inventors of these therapeutic protocols.

Beverley Conrad, Ph.D

Licensed Psychologist

Location: 1131 Howard Ave., Burlingame
Fast Contact: Email or Call Beverley.

I am a Licensed Psychologist in the state of California. I treat mental disorders which include depression, anxiety and various subsets of these disorders. My orientation is cognitive/behavorial and psychodynamic and I practice evidenced based interventions. Moreover, I am a relationship counselor and believe that our currrent mental disturbances may be due to relationship woes. Couple counseling is often the quickest means to get relief.

Emily Lyon, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Location: 550 Hamilton Ave. Suite 140, Palo Alto
Fast Contact: Email or Call Dr. Lyon.

As a Clinical Psychologist I have special training in understanding the complex personality and other problems that cause people to have a variety of problems in their life. With this depth of understanding, I am well-equipped to find the best treatment approach for each person. As psychologists, we are assisted in this process because we have access to the latest research on effective treatment approaches, which is known as Scientifically-Based Psychotherapy. At the same time I know that a warm, supportive relationship between the therapist and client are the primary basis for a successful psychotherapy.

Liz Zed, Ph.D.,RCC, MCC, Certified Mentor Coach

CA Licensed Psychologist PSY 19948 BC RCC 4348

Location: 1000 Fremont Ave.Ste. 260G, Los Altos
Fast Contact: Email or Call Dr. Zed.

Your treatment plan will be strengths-based vs pathology-based. Our initial consultation serves as a rapport indicator & guide for a mutual decision of working together. Otherwise, I can help guide you to another, more compatible psychologist for your needs. With mutual commitment you can trust in my expertise working in a humanistic and transpersonal model and a continuum from crisis intervention and trauma, assessment, family therapy, and residential addictions treatment, to personal development and business coaching. I accept new clients who will embrace change & better results. In this mutual win context I will provide the framework tailor-made for where you are now & how you want to be.

Dan Quinn, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist

Location of Therapist: Oakland, CA
Fast Contact: Email or Call Dr. Quinn.

I became a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, rather than a master's level clinician, because it is essential to me that my work be informed by both theory and science. I have studied all the major theoretical schools in depth, and I am particularly interested in the massive amount of research that has been done identifying the factors that lead to a successful therapy.

John Snyder, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Location Near Therapist: Redwood City, CA
Fast Contact: Email or Call Dr. Snyder.

My goal is to help you get your life where you want it to be. As a clinical psychologist, I am uniquely qualified to conduct psychological assessment and provide appropriate diagnoses and treatment recommendations. With more than 10 years of training and experience, I will help you identify your goals, and work with you to create and implement a specialized treatment plan that works for you. My major area of specialization is working with men and teens who are struggling with anger and substance abuse. My approach is non-judgmental and collaborative, with the goal being to get you where you want to be. I have helped many men and their families over the past decade and it is very likely that I can do the sam for you! Contact me today for a free initial...(view profile to read more)

Myra Bernecker, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Location: 2354 Post Street, San Francisco
Fast Contact: Email or Call Dr. Bernecker.

I am a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in treating children and adults struggling with anxiety, depression, worrying about relationships, feeling overwhelmed with school, family, or job demands, dealing with frustrating situations and coping with changes in life. I use a non judgmental approach, empower kids and adults to reclaim their strengths, and help them build healthy emotional lives. See my interview published in the Pacific Sun to get a glimpse of how I think and what it might be like to work with me:

Brian Sedgeley, Psy.D.

Licensed clinical psychologist

Location: 5297 College Ave. Suite 103, Oakland
Fast Contact: Email or Call Dr. Sedgeley.

There are many types of psychotherapists for you to choose from. Broadly there are masters-level therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists. Of these three psychologists are the most highly trained, having a doctorate in psychology, 3000 hours of supervised clinical experience and passed two challenging licensing exams. As such they are recognized as experts in diagnosis, treatment, and assessment and can provide more services than masters-level therapists. Psychiatrists are medical doctors and rarely provide psychotherapy. Their training is primarily focused on general medical issues and they only have a limited experience with psychotherapy, and will usually used medication first. So if you are looking for a psychotherapist consider the different types...(view profile to read more)

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Psychologist Redwood City CA.

A Redwood City CA psychologist can assess, diagnose and treat a vast array of issues and disorders. Anxiety, depressive, disassociate, impulse-control, mood disorders, and personality disorders are just a few of the conditions (see DSM-IV) that a qualified psychologist Redwood City, CA is capable of treating. Psychology is the ream of the mind, personality and behavior. In addition to diagnosing and treating mental disorders, Redwood City CA psychologists are adept counselors and well qualified in helping individuals, families, relationships, and marriages in California. If you are seeking a psychologist Redwood City, CA, Theravive is ready to help you today.

Welcome to our network of of Psychologists in Redwood City CA, trained to help you overcome and resolve the issues you face. If you are seeking a Redwood City Psychologist, we are here to listen and to help. Please click on any Psychologist in Redwood City CA below for contact information. Your Redwood City Psychologist will work together with you to reach your goals, and will uphold the caring values in therapy that are important to you.