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Christian Psychotherapy Services, Ph.D., LCSW, LPC, MD

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We integrate psychological, biological, and spiritual issues. This Holistic approach deals with the entire person mind, body and soul. Combining sound psychological principles with Biblical truth helps each client to achieve victory over depression, anxiety, stress, addictions, anger, trauma and many other mental health issues. We can help you find healthy solutions to any problem you are facing

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Psychotherapy is a word referring to the therapeutic interaction or treatment contracted between a trained mental health professional and an individual, couple, family or group. The problems addressed are emotional and /or psychological in nature and are causing excess distress in one or more areas of the clients' life. This distress can frequently be alleviated or resolved using various techniques practiced by psychologists, professional counselors, marriage & family therapists or clinical social workers. Talking about your troubles, being empathetically listened to , and following the suggestions of your therapist can bring change in you and a richer holistic apprecaition of life.

Laura Dabney, MD, MD


4542 D Bonney Rd., Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462

I approach therapy the way I approach everything, with a great deal of empathy. It is exceptionally painful to examine oneself. I find most patients keep difficult emotions buried inside which impacts their daily functioning. Therefore, I use the type of therapy that best suits the problem and patient's personality. I am familiar with all of today's popular therapy techniques because I was trained in all of them, psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral and supportive. Once we have discovered the hidden emotions, and better ways of coping with them, the patients then learn how to cope with them without my help.

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