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Royce Malphrus, BCIA-C, AAMFT (clinical member)

PHD, Licensed Psychotherapist (LPC), LMFT, MAC

25 A Marshellen Drive, Beaufort, South Carolina 29902

Psychotherapy is a process by which a psychotherapist becomes a coach, assisting a person to function optimally and to be all they can be. The process can also involved challenging the person to learn new skills and ways of being, improve existing skills in removing self imposed barriers and exploring deeper levels of understanding of self. I am sure that it is important to have goals and find the motivation to pursue these goals.

John Caparisos, Ph.D.

Professional Counselor/ Marriage and Family Therapist

527 East 60th Street, Savannah, Georgia 31405

Psychotherapy requires a real commitment from those who seek this form of assistance. I offer a neutral sounding board and active listening to help clients achieve some insights into the behavior which is hindering their growth. Self awareness is the goal of the psychotherapy I practice. Behavior modification and serious reflection on behavior(s) are often needed for people to truly grow. Many techniques which I offer, such as Advanced Energy Psychology and EFT can be highly effective with many issues which arise in psychotherapy. I am Certified in Advanced Energy Psychology and have training in EFT and TFT. I am a licensed Professional Counselor.

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