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Lisa Hanusch, Ph.D

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

4131 Spicewood Springs Road Suite G-4, Austin, TX 78759

People typically enter counseling because they are struggling with issues within themselves, between self and others, and/or between self and God. Although presenting situations may vary - people are generally in need of many of the same things. In the context of an authentic, loving therapeutic relationship - I desire to facilitate vision, purpose, and personal power - all of which culminate in greater peace, joy, and satisfaction. I operate from a Biblical worldview.


Rebecca Kloc, LPC

Therapist/Licensed Professional Counselor

2525 Wallingwood Dr., Building 7-C, Suite 705P, Austin, TX 78746

Sometimes life's challenges can overwhelm an individual's or family's ability to cope on their own. A trained therapist can support you while you get back on your feet. I provide an atmosphere of safety and acceptance while we identify where you are stuck and problem-solve together about what would help you move forward. I help children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families with a wide range of events and issues. These run the gamut from crisis and trauma and life and family transitions to anxiety, ADHD, anger management, and behavior issues. Whatever it is, we work together to find solutions. I encourage all of my clients to find their own voice and truth.


Katrina Taylor, LMFT-Associate

Psychotherapist, Marriage & Family Therapist

5524 Bee Caves Rd., J-6, Austin, TX 78746

At its best, psychotherapy is about connecting with another human being - one who provides a caring, non-judgmental environment to explore your deepest concerns. When you find the right therapist, you'll benefit from the relationship and begin to heal deep wounds as well as develop hope for your future. Contact me today to begin a helping and authentic psychotherapy relationship.


Shaina Singh, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

906 E. 5th St. #201, Austin, TX 78702

A client's success in psychotherapy largely depends on the relationship they have with their therapist. My approach as a psychotherapist is straightforward, warm, caring and honest without being harsh. I provide a safe environment for individuals and families as they open up about personal issues and struggles. I utilize Solution Focused Therapy which is very effective with individuals, couples and families.


Jennifer Bilbrey, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

8500 Shoal Creek Boulevard, Bldg #4, Ste #114, Austin, TX 78757

Psychotherapy helps you understand yourself and your patterns better. These patterns of coping in life often mean you're getting in your own way of living the kind of life you most want. This understanding can then help you consider different options. Because once we become aware, we have choice. Without that awareness, however, it's like we're operating blindly. Psychotherapy helps you give you clearer vision to move forward in your life with intention and purpose.


Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

James Hillman once said, "We've had a hundred years of psychotherapy and the world is getting worse." While there are many occasions where the validation and listening endemic to psychotherapy makes sense, there are times where we over assume that "feeling better" and "changing behavior" are the same. Grey Matters International, Inc. goes after the forgotten brain laws to behavior change that therapists miss when processing hours and hours of dialogues with people. Utilizing a cutting edge technology to facilitate the emotional process of change, we can make the therapy process way more effective, faster, and with less money spent. Contact or 877-606-6161.


Aggie Beasley, MA, BCB, CART, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

311 Lake Travis Business Park RR 620 S, Suite 102, Austin, TX 78734

Psychotherapy is an intimidating word. It is really just a combination of the words therapy and psychological. When issues cause problems, they cause us mental pain and just like physical pain, relief is needed. Often, because we have adopted certain views and responses to those views, we can't even see that a particular stance or response might not be the best for the situation confronting us. Therapy is designed to help in this way. It is a means to find out how one gets to a certain place and a way to help design or create a path to other ways of thinking or other means of responding. It is the old "I can't see the forest for the trees".


Ann McIntosh, MA, LCSW

Licensed clinical social worker

4407 Bee Cave Rd. Bldg 5 Ste 513, Austin, TX 78746

I begin psychotherapy by listening to my client. As they talk I begin to construct a genogram or family tree and may gentlyand momentarily interrupt to ask a question or two about that person. I am looking for trends of psychological experiences of family members, the dynamics (flow) of relationships) and the history of the individual with their presenting problem. Once this info has been gathered, I choose whatever therapeutic modality I think will be of the most help. Usually I start with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as I think it is the most respectful avenue inviting the client to be a part of the solution.


Janet Anderson, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Within Driving Distance of Austin, TX

Psychotherapy is a general term that involves a counseling modality. My approach to counseling is very personalized and specific to the needs of the client. Sometimes it is important to go back through past history to help identify the experiences that may have led us off our course. Other times it's important to stay in the present and focus on solutions. My approach is to listen to my clients and craft a healing modality that best matches their needs. I have many tools to draw from to meet the client where he/she is.


Lori Askew Hopper, M.A., LPC-Intern

Psychotherapist & Counselor

1000 Westbank Dr., Ste. 6-250, Austin, TX 78746

Are you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated? Are you healing the pain of a loss? Let me help. When individuals realize they want to come to therapy, they often feel very alone in their lives. I am here to provide help and support. I work closely with my clients to discover their therapeutic needs and develop a plan to address their challenges. I am successful helping clients address the following difficulties: 1. Depression 2. Anxiety 3. Self-Esteem Building 4. Building Healthy Relationships. I see individual adults teens, and couples.

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