John Romig Johnson, Ph.D, NCPsyA, IAAP, NYAAP

Jungian Psychoanalyst

Location: 1020 Tyron Circle, Charleston 29414
Fast Contact: Email or Call Dr. Johnson.

As a Jungian analyst I focus more on psychological growth than on illness. Therefore my main concern is to assist one’s natural drive to develop and to self actualize. I work with dreams, conflicts, anxieties and personal relationships tp deepen our capacity to find self-understanding and fulfillment on your journey toward wholeness. The goal of such analysis is individuation which Jung defined as a “better and more complete fulfillment of the collective qualities of the human being.” In the process of analysis one strengthens, differentiates and integrates into consciousness of unconscious contents of the psyche. I would welcome the opportunity to share your inner journey toward wholeness.

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