Patrick Holley, M.Div, MA, LPCC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Location: 2505 Larkin Rd. Suite 104, Lexington
Fast Contact: Email or Call Patrick.

Our internal pain is caused by insecurity and our false interpretations of events around us and in us. We are dependent creatures who need something to attach to. The problem is that people and circumstances around us are not stable. As a therapist, I will assist you to attach your identity and well-being to what is stable and immovable while letting go of things which all of us are incapable of controlling.

Robin Gorton, MA, LPCA, NCC

Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

Location: 2201 Regency Road, Suite 301, Lexington
Fast Contact: Email or Call Robin.

Sometimes we get stuck in life, with anxiety, depression, addiction, relationship issues or other problems. I love to help people move past the obstacles that are keeping them stuck and believe that counseling can be a time of self-discovery that leads to new ways of thinking and acting. I endeavor to listen well, and to help you reach your goals. I am an action-oriented counselor, and I integrate a lot of counseling theories including the coaching model to help you move forward. I offer Christian counseling for those who desire a biblical approach to counseling.

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