Wes Center, PhD, NCC, BCPCC

Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor

Location: 308 E. Renfro St, Suite 202, Burleson
Fast Contact: Email or Call Dr. Center.

The therapists at Focus for Living have been trained in a number of psychotherapeutic approaches to include: Cognitive-Behavioral, Family Systems, Solution Focused & Brief Therapies, Play Therapy, Neurotherapy, & Biblical Christian counseling. Our therapists hold board certifications in addition to state licensure in several areas of clinical practice & have extensive experience in individual & group mental health counseling in private practice, inpatient, & outpatient mental health facilities. Our clients are thoroughly assessed - physically, emotionally, cognitively, relationally, & spiritually. We individually tailor treatment plans to help clients achieve their goals for counseling.

Kyle Bryan, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Location: 1324 NW John Jones Dr, Burleson
Fast Contact: Email or Call Kyle.

Counseling is an excellent opportunity to learn about your strengths and to explore what you really want out of life and relationships. As an interactive, cognitive behavioral therapist, my treatment approach is to provide support and practical feedback to help clients find solutions to address current life challenges as well as long standing issues. Using a variety of techniques in a comfortable atmosphere, I offer highly a personalized approach tailored to each of my client's individual needs. We will work together to attain the personal growth you are committed to accomplishing. Together, we will work to increase awareness of your strengths, identify purpose and achieve identified goals.

Jane Hardwick, LPC, LMFT

Lic. Professional Counselor, Lic. Marriage & Fam. Therapist

Location: 2701 W. Berry, Suite 156, Fort Worth
Fast Contact: Email or Call Jane.

Sometimes life is painful, and sometimes you get stuck in the pain. Getting help from a psychotherapist can help you resolve the issues that are keeping you stuck so you can feel like the "self" you want to be. I help you change your patterns of thinking, behaving, and feeling so you can live a life of peace, pleasure, and joy. Your Tomorrow Can Feel Better Than Today

Michael Flores, MA LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Location: 2745 Hemphill St., Fort Worth
Fast Contact: Email or Call Michael.

The benefit of psychotherapy with me is the type of conversation we have in treatment. Clients find that when they discuss their preferences rather than their dissatisfactions they quickly find ideas that lead toward solutions. My type of psychotherapy is to allow you to be the expert on your life by asking about your hopes and desires in solving the issue that brought you to treatment.

Elizabeth Maddaford, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Location: 602 Strada Circle, Suite 122, Mansfield
Fast Contact: Email or Call Elizabeth.

I believe the basis for a good therapeutic environment is respect. I provide counseling in a safe, compassionate, and non-judging manner. I work with clients to help them evaluate their choices. I encourage them to be conscious of any negative thinking patterns that may be resulting in low mood, self-sabotaging/self-destructiveness, or other negative consequences. After a thorough assessment, together, the client and I, decide on appropriate treatment goals.

Jessica Rogers, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Location: 601 Strada Circle, Suite 107, Mansfield
Fast Contact: Email or Call Jessica.

Psychotherapy helps the patient understand what helps them feel positive or anxious, as well as accepting their strong and weak points. If people can identify their feelings and ways of thinking they become better at coping with difficult situations. Psychotherapy is commonly used for psychological problems that have had a number of years to accumulate. It only works if a trusting relationship can be built up between the client and the psychotherapist. Some forms of psychotherapy include forms of communication, writing, artwork, drama, narrative story, or music. Solutions Counseling uses many of these techniques to help you overcome what is bothering you.

Steven Kopor, Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, Professional Christian Counselor

Christian Counseling of Texas

Location: 6040 Camp Bowie Blvd. #65, Fort Worth
Fast Contact: Email or Call Steven.

For many clients, Brief Therapy is the most correct treatment response because it is very efficient, economical and effective. After all, your paying for benefits, not counseling services. My approach usually focuses on solving identifiable problems, setting realistic goals, designing interventions, and examinimg progress and outcomes. Shorter therapy is often the best way to go.

Donald Baer, LPC, LMFT

Licensed Professional Counselor

Location of Therapist: Fort Worth, TX
Fast Contact: Email or Call Donald.

My emphasis is on helping clients deal with whatever problems are foremost in their daily lives, right now. While I can, and will, deal with issues related to the past, I believe most people are looking to solve current problems and move on. In taking that focus, I sometimes investigate the dreams people are having, because current dreams are always attempts to solve current problems. I always look for a client's strengths, and try to use them to help the client figure out what he or she needs to do now.

Jennifer Pereira, LPC-I, RD, LD, CEDS

Licensed Professional Counselor Intern

Location: 4409 Kelly Elliot Rd, Arlington
Fast Contact: Email or Call Jennifer.

My goal as a therapist is to help individuals live a full, authentic life. Our society gives few clues on how to handle these big lessons--you shouldn't have to hit 'rock bottom' before you have access to therapeutic growth opportunities. Every person benefits from understanding themselves better. Through a variety of effective practices, I can help you reach the life you are seeking.

Seigel Bartley, Ph.D., LPC-S, CAMS-IV, CDVS

Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor; Certified Anger Management Specialist IV; Certified Domestic Violence Specialist

Location: 800 West Arbrook Blvd, Ste 340, Arlington / Grand Prairie / Mansfield
Fast Contact: Email or Call Dr. Bartley.

At Christ Centered Counseling we understand it take a team to overcome the challenges of life in a therapeutic relationship: the client, the therapist, and God. For this reason Christ Centered Counseling provides a biblical approach when assisting clients with resolving problems they face in life. At Christ Centered Counseling we understand the importance of incorporating biblical truths with practical life changing skills.

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