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Dr. Carol Francis, Psy.D., MFT, CHypT,

Clinical Psychologist, Marriage, Family & Child, Hypnosis

Within Driving Distance of Manhattan Beach, CA

For 36 years, I have discovered the importance of having many psychotherapy techniques available to help people succeed in their lives. No one psychotherapy tool fits everyone and every life-event. Some work better with analytic, thinking and talking tools. Others grow faster with art, stress management even hypnotherapy or neurolinguistic programming. Emotion-based therapies can provide relief, caring healing and recovery. Nutritional and fitness counseling can be essential to alter emotional, mental and personal stress for some. Life Coaching and counseling can aim directly toward solutions and skills improvements. No one tool fits all. 310-543-1824


Betsy Walli, MS, PhD

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist 85860

Within Driving Distance of Manhattan Beach, CA

Sometimes the harder try to connect, the more distant and lonely you end up feeling. Yet you keep using the same ineffective strategies, because what else can you do? Or maybe you give up. You are probably spending enough time and effort already trying to make it work — you’re just doing it in the wrong way. I can help you channel your efforts more successfully using emotionally focused therapy (EFT).


Vi Ballard, MFT

Marriage Family Therapist

Within Driving Distance of Manhattan Beach, CA

Please call me if you are having some difficulty in your life. I offer a free 15 minute phone or face to face conversation about how I do therapy. Many of the feelings of hurt or trauma that we have today that cause us unhappiness, come from the part of our brain that remembers emotions and beliefs when we were children. Children only know what they grow up with. Call me, make an appointment, and I'll explain further.

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California psychotherapy in Manhattan Beach CA can be a life changing benefit in your life. Theravive provides credentialed Manhattan Beach CA psychotherapists who deliver compelling, experienced psychotherapy when you need it. Equip yourself in Manhattan Beach CA with improved tools through therapy and engage in a deeper, more meaningful relationship with not only yourself and your loved ones, but your world around you with a Manhattan Beach CA psychotherapist. If you are seeking the most proficient and skilled psychotherapist Manhattan Beach, CA, we hope you will contact one of our experienced professionals who can give you the positive and life-altering psychotherapy in California that you are seeking.

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