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Megan Goodwin, Psy.D.


727 Industrial Ave, #104, San Carlos, CA

Dr. Goodwin is a Stanford-trained therapist who has experience working with clients experiencing many types of issues. Through the process of therapy, you can develop a better sense of what your life goals are, and how to achieve them. Dr. Goodwin's approach is to help people with this process by using empirically tested interventions, especially those that build a foundation on clients strengths, values, and which builds a stronger sense of compassion for the self and others. Starting therapy often feels like a daunting process, but you have already begun by exploring online. Take the next step and call Dr. Goodwin to discuss how therapy might be able to help you.

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Psychotherapist in San Carlos CA.

California psychotherapy in San Carlos CA can be a life changing benefit in your life. Theravive provides credentialed San Carlos CA psychotherapists who deliver compelling, experienced psychotherapy when you need it. Equip yourself in San Carlos CA with improved tools through therapy and engage in a deeper, more meaningful relationship with not only yourself and your loved ones, but your world around you with a San Carlos CA psychotherapist. If you are seeking the most proficient and skilled psychotherapist San Carlos, CA, we hope you will contact one of our experienced professionals who can give you the positive and life-altering psychotherapy in California that you are seeking.

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