Rose Geiser, LMFT

Licensced Marriage and Family Therapist

Location: 498 Highway 44 West, Shepherdsville
Fast Contact: Email or Call Rose.

You are probable looking at this site because you feel need for help with one of life's challenges. You do not have to face the problem alone. I will listen and help you to sort through the chaos and stress we all experience time to time. Problems can be comquered!

Jann & Phil James, PhD, MA

Anointed Restoration Ministries

Location: 6601 Buisson Lane, Louisville
Fast Contact: Email or Call Jann & Phil.

Dr. Jann & Phil work together to minister to your needs. If you want professional help from both a male and a female perspective in a flexible time frame, you'll appreciate having both of them on your team - at no extra cost to you.

Krystal Angevine, LCSW, LCAC, BCB-N


Location Near Therapist: Mount Washington, KY
Fast Contact: Email or Call Krystal.

Krystal Angevine has over 25 years experience in holistic counseling and is a past recipient of the Indiana Social Work Leader of the Year award. The Vision of the Biofeedback Counseling Center is Enhancing the Healer Within.

Therapist Mount Washington KY.

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