Women's Support Group

  • Presented By: Jennifer Kausky, MSW, RSW, Psychotherapist for Women and Couples
  • Speaker / Facilitator: Jennifer Kausky, MSW, RSW
  • Topic Area: Support Groups

  • Start Date: 11/02/2014
  • Duration: One Hour
  • Daily Schedule: 3:00AM - 4:00AM
  • Recurring: Every Sunday on an ongoing basis.
  • Registration Deadline: Registration is Open

  • Location: 1255 Commissioners Road West, Suite 235 London, Ontario, N6K 3N5
  • Fee Info: $30.00/session
  • Open To: Women Only

  • Contact Information: jenniferkausky@rogers.com, or (519) 719-5264

Women's Support Group

Facilitated by Women''s therapist, Jennifer Kausky, MSW, RSW

Announcing a Women''s Support Group

I am very pleased to announce the addition of a Women''s Support Group to my Psychotherapy practice. As a women''s therapist, I am consistently witness to the ability of women to be insightful, intelligent and compassionate problem solvers, both for themselves and for others. Because I generally work with women individually, I recently began to realize that if women can accomplish such wonderful things alone, just imagine what they could do if they were supported by a community of women - the idea of a Women''s Support Group was born!

Jennifer Kausky, MSW, RSW
Women''s Psychotherapist


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Enrollment Details

The Women''s Support Group will begin on Sunday, November 2nd from 3PM-4PM and will be held each consecutive Sunday. The Cost for the Women''s Support Group is only $30.00/session, and is payable at the end of each session. An official receipt will be provided. The group will take place at my office at 1255 Commissioners Road West, Suite 235. The maximum group enrollment will be ten women, and the minimum group enrollment will be two women.

This group is open, meaning that new members are welcome to join the group at any time and current members may leave the group at any time, after advising the facilitator so that a new member can join. The group is also flexible, allowing for the opportunity to attend 1,2,3, or the full 4 groups per month; please let me know your preference on enrollment. As the facilitator, I will bring ideas, topics and information to share at each session. However, this support group is "casual" and informal, and it is YOUR support group, meaning that you are welcome to bring your own ideas, topics and information to share with your peers. As you begin to know each other, this will flow naturally as you learn more about each others needs, and you gain friendship and support. Coffee will be provided. Please feel free to offer your own ideas and expertise with regards to snack options!

In order to have an idea of enrollment, a sign-up is required. Please feel free to email me at jenniferkausky@rogers.com or call me at 519-719-5264.

Best Wishes!