Client Contact Guarantee


Client Contact Guarantee Terms And Conditions


1. All premium members are entitled to the offer. In order for the guarantee to be valid, members must complete a full profile including a bio page within two weeks of account activation. Because it is unlikely that clients will contact therapists who have empty profiles, we require all therapists who desire coverage of this guarantee to complete their profiles, including a creation of a personal biography. Members who use our profile creating service are automatically covered.


2. Your profile must remain active at all times. Theravive allows members to "turn off" their profile, essentially creating an "out of office" message, which prevents clients from contacting them. At any time, if a therapist turns off their profile, the guarantee will no longer be in effect.


3. At any time during the guarantee period, your profile is subject to review by us. In order to guarantee contacts, we require profiles to look professional, with proper grammar and spelling according to the guidelines here. Because clients are unlikely to contact a therapist whose profile has grammatical errors or looks unprofessional, we may request that therapists increase the professional appearance of their profile. We will work with all therapists to revise a profile. If we request a profile be changed, we will state clearly the reasons for the request. A therapist may refuse to revise their profile upon our request, in which case their guarantee will no longer be valid. If a therapist does not respond to our request within 30 days, their guarantee will be invalid. Our guarantee is intended to cover therapists who take the time to create professional looking profiles. We are confident that our ability to promote you on the internet, combined with you taking the time to create a great profile will result in client contacts. Again, members who use our profile creating service are automatically covered. A member who makes significant changes to a profile after using our profile creating service may be subject to profile review.


4. We can only track email contacts. We have no way to track phone calls or client contacts received from people who click on a therapists web link and then initiate contact. Much of our guarantee is based on an honor system. Yes, we still believe in an honor system! If you have received phone calls as a result of Theravive, even though we wont know about them, they still count towards your 5 client contacts. We rely on your honesty in these cases.


5. If, at the time of your membership renewal, you have not received at least 5 client contacts, you are entitled to file a claim, which is an email to contact@theravive.com stating simply that you did not receive your guaranteed contacts. You must also testify that you did not, to your knowledge, receive any amount of phone calls or emails that would total 5 contacts.


6. Theravive will then check our records to verify that you have received less than 5 contacts upon receipt of your claim. In your control panel, you can view at any time the total number of email contacts you have received through Theravive. In consideration of any claim of less than 5 contacts, Theravive will use this number as authoritative. If this number is 5 or more, at the time we receive your claim, the claim will not be valid. The number of contacts for this guarantee is considered at the time your valid claim is received, and not your renewal date.


7. If you have used our profile writing service, your guarantee is 7 contacts instead of 5.


8. You have two weeks upon your membership renewal to file a claim. If you do not file within two weeks, the guarantee will no longer apply.


9. If your claim is successful, we will refund your renewal fees meaning your next year on Theravive is free of charge. Your membership will continue to be free indefinitely each year until you receive at least 5 client contacts.


10. For members who have a guarantee of 7 contacts, the first 5 are applied towards a free membership renewal, and the last two are applied towards a refund of your profile fees (100.00 USD). For example, if you have a 7 contact guarantee, and only receive 4, your next year is free. If you have 7 contacts guaranteed, and you receive 5, then your next year is charged as normal (the five contact portion was met), and all profile writing fees are 100% refunded (the 7 contact portion was not met). Profile fees are only refunded in the event that you receive less than 7 contacts, but more than 4.


11. Please note, we can only guarantee client contacts, and not clients. Theravive connects clients to therapists. Once a client contacts a therapist, we are no longer involved. It is the role of the therapist, and not Theravive, to convert a client contact into an actual paid client.

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