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A Better Life Therapy, LLC is a group practice in Philadelphia, PA. Our therapists are highly trained and offer empathetic and solution oriented therapy to support you in managing difficult feelings and events while moving forward in your life. 
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Elizabeth Earnshaw, LMFT
Elizabeth Earnshaw, LMFT, CCTP
Specialties: Relationship Issues, Trauma/PTSD, Anxiety, Grief and Loss, Self Esteem, Life Transitions
I have some very good news for you. Having difficult feelings of  sadness, anxiety, hopelessness, anger, guilt, shame—does not mean you are not healthy. What this does mean is that you might be uncertain about how to manage these emotions in a less painful way. I am so sorry you are struggling and I want to support you in feeling better.

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Lauren Butler, LCSW
​Lauren Butler Rosner, LCSW
Specialities: Depression, Anxiety, Life Transitions, Family & Children, Grief, Trauma, Relationship Conflict, Anger, Self Esteem 
Throughout my diverse experience there remains one constant: the human capacity for resilience.  In my work with clients, I strive to nourish this resilience. I approach every individual with curiosity and attention to their uniqueness.  Accordingly, utilizing the strengths of each individual to support them in reaching their goals and full potential is paramount.  I believe that establishing a sense of safety within the therapeutic relationship is the first step towards allowing us to address difficult emotions and dynamics, which can lead to healing and growth.   My interventions are geared towards supporting clients in gaining deeper understanding and acceptance of themselves and others, as well as in developing concrete tools. 
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 Ariel Stern, LPC
​Ariel Stern, LPC
Specialities: Depression, Anxiety, New Parents, Addiction Issues, Families, Self Esteem, Relationships, Career Counseling, Transitions
I believe that you are not defined by any one aspect of your life. We are all complicated, with problems and strengths, histories and futures, so I believe in treating you as a whole person. I can also incorporate physical wellness into our work together. No topics are off-limits. As a working professional, a wife, and the mother of a small child, I offer you the benefits of my life experience,  with the advantage of still being young enough to remember how difficult it can be to plan a path to the future, establishing an identity separate from, yet still connected to your parents and siblings.

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 Kristin Monahan, MFT
Kristin Monahan, MFT
Specialities: Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Family and Children, Stress Management, Behavioral Issues, PTSD, LGBT Issues, Women's Issues 
Self-transformation can be achieved through the authentic, meaningful connection in a therapeutic relationship. This relationship is powerful and will encourage emotional healing, awareness and self-love through trust, acceptance and empathy. Our collaboration is essential in this process and I will work to honor your uniqueness so that you can create goals that suit your distinctive personality and lifestyle. I will assist in exploring difficult topics that overcast your life so you can uncover the resources, strengths, confidence and light that already live within you. You are deserving of the life that you want to live.
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Nicole LePera
Nicole LePera, Ph.D.
Specialities: Depression, Anxiety, Self Esteem, Mindfulness Meditation, Life Transitions, LGBTQ Issues, Women's Issues, Addiction, Adolescents
Do you want to convert negative energy and relationships into more positives forces in your life? Are you struggling with feelings of sadness, stress, or low self-esteem and do not feel you are living a fulfilled life? I believe that self-awareness is an important first step is creating the life you want for yourself. Through our work you may come to a better understanding of yourself and the origin of your often painful feelings. Additionally, our work can provide relief from these feelings in order to make room for more healthy behaviors and relationships.
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gregory amatrudo 
Gregory Amatrudo, LPC
Specialities: Trauma/PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Grief and Loss, Self Esteem Issues, Transitions
I believe that therapy can be a natural process where problems are solved, goals are achieved, and pain is relieved. I don't treat a diagnosis, rather I treat the person. I use a non-judgmental approach and I will meet you exactly where you are. I understand that we are all human and, at times, our lives become unbalanced. Together, we can work on regaining balance and structure in your life by therapy that is supportive and based in science.

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