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As a Clinical Psychologist with over 25 years of experience, the focus of my work is PASSION. My  work with individuals and couples is to create a deeper relationship first with ourselves and then within the relationship to have a more fulfilled and passionate life.
My initial work was with sexless/touchless couples, where I developed a speciality in supporting them in bringing back the passion to their relationship. This included sex of course, but also a deeper passion,  a passion for life, a joie de vivre, a deep, loving connection. This is how I became known as the "Passion Doctor" which is also the name of my website at:
In my experience, passion comes when our inner life matches our outer life, when we live authentically and in integrity with our values. My work with individuals begins there, identifying our values and what excites us and removing the blocks to living that inner truth more fully in our lives.
I walk my talk. As an MIT-engineer, I was successful, yet unsatisfied and unfulfilled. I returned to graduate school in my early 30's to earn a Master's Degree and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Accumulating over 4500 hours of supervised experience, I passed a written and oral examination to receive my license as a Clinical Psychologist. I am deeply PASSIONATE about the field of psychology and psychotherapy.
The real work is in developing a relationship with my clients and supporting them in being honest and authentic with themselves and their partners. The real work is in facilitating deep connection to their physical body and their emotions, perhaps for the first time. From this place of deep truth and integrity, they find the courage and skill to move forward in their lives, to align their outer world with their inner world, to have deep, connected, passionate, intimate relationships with themselves, their life partners, their families and their friends. This work is my PASSION, to support others in connecting deeply and living the life they deserve.  
In addition to my private practice in Los Angeles (and world-wide through telephone and video), I taught graduate school in Marriage and Family Therapy for over ten years. As Director of Psychology Training at a Community Mental Health Center for sixteen years, I trained and supervised Marriage and Family Therapy Interns and Psychology Interns as they studied for their respective licenses. As a lifelong student of education and as an educator, I still supervise four interns in my private practice as well as conduct a Consultation/Training Group for newly licensed mental health professionals.
Contact me for a complimentary telephone consultation and let's determine if we can work together. Don't you deserve to live with PASSION? 

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