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Are you in an intimate relationship where the passion has disappeared?

Are you wanting to heal your relationship from an emotional or physical affair or other violations of trust?

Are you single and want to stop attracting the same dysfunctional relationship patterns over and over (and over)?

Are you in a non-traditional relationship and are challenged enough without being challenged by your counselor’s judgments as well?

Dr. Adam Sheck, Clinical Psychologist is skilled and passionate about supporting you in your relationship challenges.


About Doctor Sheck:

Doctor Adam Sheck is known as ‘The Passion Doctor’ because of his experience over the last 25 years supporting long-term committed relationships in reigniting (or sustaining) the intimacy, romance and sexuality they deserve. He became a psychologist, couples counselor and sex therapist after ending his own unsuccessful marriage. A former engineer, he uses the analytic left-brain as well as the deep feeling right-brain to craft solutions to your relationship issues. In addition to supporting couples and singles, his practice expanded over the years to working with non-traditional relationships and supporting them in both their unique issues as well as the challenges common to all relationships.



·     Touchless/Sexless Relationships

·     Intelligent, insightful, successful singles who can’t attract or sustain a successful relationship.

·     Healing from affairs and other violations of trust.

·     Couples that want support in ‘opening up’ their relationship.

·     Couples that want support in introducing ‘kink’ into their relationship.

·     ‘Thruples’ and ‘moresomes’ that seek support in setting and negotiating healthy boundaries and clear communication.



Dr. Sheck believes that healthy relationships arise from safety. With safety we are willing to be vulnerable to our partners. With vulnerability comes authenticity. With sharing authentically comes intimacy. With commitment and true intimacy, much can be healed in the context of a relationship.

We all have our own unique ‘relationship blueprint’ much of which derives from our childhood. Until we understand our inner template, we will never have freedom to choose and sustain secure, healthy relationships. This is true for singles as well as those in established relationships. Understanding your relationship blueprint as well as your attachment 'style' will help you see yourself and your relationship(s) in an entirely different and affirming way.

 My work is to support you in getting back into connection with yourself AND with your partner(s). Each moment that  connection is established and reestablished is another bonding moment, another moment that will strengthen your capacity to stay loving and connected through the challenges to life and your relationship, from the outside AND from within. 

Dr. Sheck currently has a private practice in Los Angeles as well as works with relationship coaching clients world-wide through video-conferencing.  

He shares his approach and blogs about relationships at

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