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I've been there. It sucks so bad, feeling like you’re in black hole you can’t get out of, feeling anxious all the time, stressful aggravating relationships, or feeling like you have no direction in your life.I want to help you get the hell out of there.

Client's describe me as kind, warm, and patient. At the center of my practice is a value of kindness and acceptance.

I can help with depression, anxiety, or relationship issues. I’m also well versed in assertiveness training and social skills development.

I don’t support

  • Talk therapy that goes on forever

  • Vague goals

  • Keeping it all in your head

  • Therapist only works in session

  • Client only works in session

  • Stale cerebral interpretations

I support

  • Goal directed therapy with specifics, never more than two years at an absolute maximum

  • Measurements of progress with metrics

  • Homework for client and me, I review our sessions daily, I put in work outside of the session and I encourage my clients to do the same

  • Getting it out on paper or digitally: the patterns, the behaviors, the progress

  • Client is doing homework weekly at a minimum, and if they’re not that’s okay and we are addressing it in session

  • Warm, kind, down to earth therapy

Adolfo Tibana Reaches

Clients throughout New York