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   My name is Adriana Schmidt and I have completed my Masters in Counselling Psychology. I am passionate about empathically empowering people to heal and grow so that they can live their lives to the fullest. I believe that everyone is valuable and therefore treat people with respect, unconditional positive regard and compassion. I know that everyone is capable of change but understand that it is hard and takes courage, so I am patient and encouraging throughout the counselling process. I am accepting of all religions, cultures, sexual orientations and gender identities.


   My desire is that through the counselling process clients will develop healthy ways of viewing themselves, their emotions, others and the world. I also want to help clients foster self-awareness and self-compassion. My objective is that all of these positive changes will influence the holistic health of the individual and they will grow; spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially, environmentally and financially. I believe that a positive change in one of these areas will create positive change in other areas because we are holistic interconnected beings.

Philosophy and Approach

   I honor the uniqueness of each; individual, couple and family and so I collaborate with every client to develop a plan that will be effective and employ their strengths. This is possible because I use an integrative approach to counselling and draw from; Attachment theory, Emotional Focused therapy, Interpersonal eurobiology, Positive Psychology and mindfulness-based practices. The following is a brief description of the main counselling theories I use.

      Attachment Theory:

   This theory comes from the perspective that our early child-hood relationships especially relationship with our    primary-care giver determine how we view ourselves, others and the world. When these perspectives are not    healthy, they negatively influence; ourselves, others and world. However, through developing a healthy    relationship with someone such as a therapist, you can develop healthy ways to see yourself, others and the world.

   Emotion Focused Therapy:

   Emotions are signals that help us to know what is important to us and if our needs are being met. Therefore,    distress occurs because we are not aware of what we need or dismiss the need because of messages we have    attached to the emotion. We can reduce distress by becoming more aware of emotions and exploring the messages    we have attached to each of them.

   Interpersonal Neurobiology:

   This is an interdisciplinary approach that draws from various types of science and other ways of knowing to help    us develop a more comprehensive understanding of the human experience. This theory believes that for someone    to function in a healthy way there needs to be integration in the person’s mind, brain and relationships. The goal    of this theory is to reintegrate different aspects of the individual so that they can be flexible, adaptable, coherent,    energized and stable.

   Positive Psychology:

   The focus of this theory is to help individuals flourish in life not just survive. Through fostering strengths and    virtues, we will develop resiliency, healthy relationships, creativity, and altruism.


I have experience working with individuals who struggle with; depression, suicidality, anxiety, perfectionism, grief/loss, transitions, abortion, disordered eating, addiction, self-worth, relationship and family of origin struggles. I also have personal and professional experience working with third cultural kids and individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Free Consultation

I offer a free twenty minute in-person or phone consultation to determine if we will work well together because a healthy relationship between the client and the therapist is a huge factor in the success of therapy.


Individual, Couple and Family counselling sessions are two hundred dollars. However, sliding scale options may be available upon request.


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