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Aga offers individual, couples, and family therapy, with adults, children and adolescents.  Aga has been providing professional counselling and therapy for over 10 years working with individuals and couples who are experiencing problems that interfere with their daily life, who seek healing and personal growth. She is a founder of One Plus One Counselling Inc. in Evergreen Calgary.  She gained international experience providing counselling and pre-marital sessions in France, Japan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, USA and Canada. She is fluent in English, French and Polish.

Aga believes that her role as a therapist is to facilitate the process of change.  The level of readiness of the client plays an important role in therapy. The goals that are discussed and decided by both, the client and the therapist need to be attainable and realistic. The client has to be an active participant. The process of change could be represented as a journey as it is described in the myth of Ariadne.  Ariadne is put in charge of a labyrinth where sacrifices to Minotaur are made. She decides to help Theseus as he explores the labyrinth by giving him read thread.  Ariadne's red thread helps Theseus to go into the labyrinth, to kill the monster Minotaur and to come out of the labyrinth. 

Therapy is a journey that facilitates the exploration of person’s motivation for change through gaining self-awareness about one’s strengths but also about unhealthy patterns. Connecting with the unconscious self can help to discover inner potential and strengths. The labyrinth represents the unconscious and as the journey progresses the client gains awareness about personal strengths, wounds, and acquires new skills. During the therapy, it is possible that the client will encounter a monster that needs to be defeated but the progress on the journey depends on where the client wants to go.  The role of the counsellor is to be a guide and to provide support.  The red thread that the client brings with him or her on the journey is counsellor’s empathy, positive regard, acceptance, congruence and competency.  The relationship between a client and a therapist is crucial, as the client needs to trust the counsellor that the “thread” will guide him or her on the journey, will help to facilitate change, inner-healing, personal growth, will help to learn new skills, and will help to find a way out of the labyrinth. 

Issues that may respond well to individual counselling include: anxiety, depression, stress, anger management, work conflict, eating disorders, life balance, self-care, life stage issues and transitions, parenting, teen-parent conflict, relationship problems, separation and divorce, grief and loss, health and wellness.  

Couples therapy focuses on creating stronger relationships in the midst of challenges.  Aga offers pre-marriage counselling and counselling for married couples. Issues that can be addressed with a couple include: connection and communication issues, conflict, important life decisions, financial issues, child-parent conflict, blended family, grief and loss, stress, addictions, separation, and divorce.  Family counselling can improve communication, connection, and relationships between family members and blended family.  

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