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What People Say About Therapy and Life Coaching at Thrive

"Therapy at Thrive really helped me. Everything is different now."   "I'm happier and healthier than I ever have been."    "You were ´╗┐understanding, compassionate´╗┐, and supportive."   "I feel so much better."   "Thank you again for your excellent skill in facilitating healing, and a way to move forward."   "My therapist was kind and gentle."    "I feel like I can say anything to her."   ´╗┐ "You gave me everything I needed to change my life." ´╗┐  "Before today, I could see no way through this. There was no hope of anything...I feel it is possible to heal now and this was not the case before."   "My therapist was caring, and I liked that she had a sense of humor."   "You were there for me when I needed help."   "You are a warm, open, intelligent person and professional."    "I feel like I just kicked all of my baggage to the curb."   "My counsellor was so empathic."   "You are an excellent counsellor and I am very grateful that we had the opportunity to work with you."   "Coming to therapy changed my life completely. I am free now." 

If you have a question about counselling or life coaching, please email Your email will be returned within 24 hours. 

If you're ready to make an appointment, please call (204) 774-4184 anytime, or email 

We offer:
-Therapy and life coaching to help you create strong relationships and a happy life.
-A lower fee ($80 per session) than most other counselling services in Winnipeg.
-Help right away, with no waiting list.
-Evening, and weekend appointments at no extra charge.
-A central Winnipeg location (#200-254 Edmonton St.).
-A beautiful waiting room, so you can relax and unwind.
-The support you need when life hurts - from our highly trained, experienced, kind counsellors.
-Service that may be covered by your insurance. Email us for help on how to check if your plan offers coverage. 
We provide counselling for individuals, couples, children, and families, for all kinds of challenges including depression, anxiety, grief and loss, trauma, ADHD, family conflict, eating disorders, addictions issues, anger problems, life transitions, and relationship issues.

Clinic Director: Ailia Mikolash

Hi, I'm Ailia Mikolash. I chose to create Thrive Counselling in Winnipeg because I care deeply about people, and because I believe that we all have the potential to thrive. I am a member of the Manitoba College of Social Workers. I earned my BSW and MSW degrees from the University of Manitoba. I am married and I have two wonderful boys. I like meditating, reading, travelling, and chocolate.
Life hasn't always been easy for me, just as it probably hasn't always been easy for you. Thrive grew out of my own healing. It is a symbol what I have chosen to do with all the pain I have experienced in my life: to turn it into something beautiful. Counselling helped me do this, and I'm grateful to be connected to a place that helps others do the same. If you need help, please contact us.
We look forward to meeting you, and helping you thrive. 

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