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  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate
  • Phone: (425) 998-8598
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  • Session Fees: $120 per session, sliding scale options available when needed
  • This member is a featured provider of online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Phone, Webcam

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I work with adults who want to make their lives better. I know life doesn't have to be this hard because people tell me all the time that therapy helped it get better. Self-work and personal growth are the best investments you can make, and I'm excited that you're thinking about it.

I specialize in working with folks struggling with stress, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, relationship challenges, depression, and more. Scroll down​ to see the treatment modalities that I use to do so.

YES I am currently accepting new clients. I'm conducting all sessions over telehealth at this time. I do not accept insurance, but your insurance may reimburse for my services.


Individual Treatment
  • One on one telehealth appointments to deeply understand what is happening in your life, and to figure out what we need to adjust to make things better.

EMDR Reprocessing Therapy
  • EMDR is highly effective for treating trauma and related disorders. This technique cuts to the emotional core of issues and leads to significant healing.

Internal Family Systems
  • IFS is a non-pathologizing, hopeful framework within which to practice psychotherapy. It focuses on making friends with and healing hidden parts of ourselves, and is highly effective.

Personal Connection
  • Human beings require social support. We're living in strange times rife with separation. The connection therapy brings is healing by its very nature. Come see that you're not alone in whatever it is that you're struggling with. 


My Story

I've always been fascinated with the mind. When I helped my best friend survive a mental health crisis at age 19 I decided to find out what had gone wrong. I received an undergraduate degree in neuroscience then went to work in the clinical mental health field.

I decided to return to school for a master's degree only after I experienced my own trauma. I healed by working with several skilled therapists and undergoing EMDR. This showed me the importance of good counseling, and I got to experience how amazing emotional freedom and recovery can be.

Being a therapist is incredibly meaningful to me. When I get to know someone on a deep level I have an ability to understand what they are going through and where they are getting stuck. I've dedicated the past many years of my life to learning how to create change and help people move towards the lives they want to live. 

  • Licensed in Washington State LMCHa #MC60985974
  • Licensed in Utah State ACMHC #11743998-6009
  • Nationally Certified Counselor as of 2019
  • EMDR Trained Clinician 2020


  • Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology from Bastyr University
  • Graduate Level Internship with Catholic Community Services of Western Washington
  • Bachelor's of Science in Cognitive Neuroscience from UC San Diego


  • Clinical Positions held include: Mental Health Counselor, Wilderness Therapy Field Instructor, Homeless Youth Advocate, Residential Treatment Mental Health Worker 
Working With Alec

Below are some descriptions for the journey we are embarking upon together. It is an honor to work with you, and I look forward to what we discover along the way.

My Job is to:

  • Create a safe and comfortable place for you to share
  • Provide education and information about relevant topics as they come up
  • Maintain safety in the session by pacing how fast or slow we process certain topics
  • Encourage you to be open an honest with yourself in a way that is genuine
  • Give feedback and share observations about what I see
  • Build a supportive relationship with you and earn your trust
  • Help you create change

Your Job is to:
  • Bring into session whatever feels most important for us to talk about
  • Be open to forming a relationship with me
  • Push yourself to be a little bit more open and a little bit more vulnerable than you want to be
  • As best you can, tell me when something feels off in our relationship so we can explore and correct it
  • Share your dreams and hopes for the future
  • Be open to some sort of change


Is there a right way to do therapy?
  • Nope. Everyone is unique and good therapy is custom fit for the needs of that person. There are general themes that make counseling effective, but it’s not a one size fits all kind of process.

Should I be doing homework assignments between sessions?

  • Assignments can be helpful, but they are not necessary for effective therapy. If it is relevant to our goals we may devise tasks for you to complete between sessions, but in general my counseling is more about the process in session than assignments outside.

How should I prepare for session?

  • Sometimes we’re not sure what we want to talk about. That’s okay! I will help you explore different areas of life to see where we can focus. If you want to prepare for session, writing down some thoughts beforehand about what you’d like to work on can be useful.

Are there topics that we shouldn’t talk about?

  • Nothing is off limits! That is the wonderful thing about counseling. Everything is fair game.

Do you share my information?

  • In order to assure that I am providing you with the best services possible I may share information with my licensed clinical supervisor. This includes what we are working on in session and my approach to helping meet your goals. Also, there are specific circumstances that I am required by law to share certain information, please see the confidentiality disclosure for details.

How do I get the most out of our work together?

Write your thoughts down after session. Wouldn’t it be sad to come up with a great insight only to forget it later? Writing after session really helps to consolidate your therapeutic work and it is my number one suggestion for how to get the most out of our work together.  
Finding a therapist can be a frustrating process, so I've made it easy. Just got to my website or call (425) 998-8598 to book a free 25 minute telehealth consultation. This is a chance to tell me a bit about what's going on in your life and ask any questions you have about my services. It's hard to know if you'll like a therapist before talking to them, so let's try it out! 

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