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  • Individual and Family Counsellor
  • 26 Queen St. S. , Bolton, Ontario, L7E 1B3
  • Phone: 289.585.9983
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  • Session Fees: Fees range from $100-$120, based on 50-minute sessions. Most employer benefit plans cover the fees for our service, under the supervision of a Registered Social Worker or Psychologist. A sliding scale can be arranged, at the discretion of the counsellor

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Thank you for visiting! Here is a little bit about me and my passion.
I am a well-established Individual and Family Counsellor, registered with the Ontario College of Social Work and Social Service Work, as well as in good standing with the Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrists and Psychotherapists. 
I have had the wonderful opportunity of practicing in this field, alongside a Psychologist for a number of years. In doing so, I have had the ability in gaining both professional and individual experience. I have learn't the importance of connecting with individuals on a genuine and empathetic level, while establishing a trusting and confidential professional relationship. Over the years, I have discovered that with the proper support, tools and guidance, the strength of an individual is truly endless.

I work primarily with youth and adolescents, whom are struggling with their view of self (both mentally and physically), as well as concerns with anxiety and depressive feelings. It is important for me to establish a strong, therapeutic bond with my client in order for them to feel confident, comfortable and safe, as they travel through their journey.  
Along with supporting youth and adolescent’s, much of my practice focuses on individual and family support, identifying the importance of positive and healthy everyday self-care and the impact of positive communication within the family unit. Individuals struggling with everyday life challenges, may find a sense of comfort in connecting with a counsellor, in which they can respectfully collaborate together to find realistic and positive life style changes and goals.
I focus on meeting the specific needs of individuals, by establishing a unique treatment plan, that is best suited to meet each personal goal. Each treatment plan is thoroughly designed, with the best interest of the client in mind, alongside the client themselves!
Specializing in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Strengths Based Therapy, I am able to help support clients in achieving self-determination and develop the coping skills needed to successfully manage long-term positive change. 
My empathetic and personable personality allow me to actively listen, while providing the foundation and tools needed for healthy growth and guidance.  
As a professional, my biggest goal is ensuring that everyone feels safe and comfortable, starting with building a trusting therapeutic relationship. It is my mission, to help support you in maintaining a strong and trusting relationship, within yourself, which may act as the foundation for your therapeutic growth.  
Looking forward to meeting you and starting your journey to uncover your strength! 

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