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People come to me for a number of reasons that all boil down to one main goal: they want to change. Most of the clients I serve come to me feeling stuck, lost, or overwhelmed with a variety of feelings that have their lives feeling insurmountably challenging. Despite their best efforts, they continuously find themselves committing to one troublesome pattern after another and are looking for a fresh pair of eyes to help them see and understand what they may be missing. I offer the opportunity for personal and relational growth - the opportunity to see who you are at your essence so that you can more autonomously, authentically, and mindfully create who you become in the future by breaking out of unhelpful patterns. I can help you in uncovering meaning in your life by exploring your world with you in a safe, supportive, and empathic space, thereby creating an opportunity to bring the hidden and less obvious things from the background to the foreground. Therefor, I will not only help you identify a number of things that may be causing you immense distress in your life and relationships, but I will go even further by supporting and guiding you in working through those issues for lasting and holistic health.
I work with teens, adults, couples, and siblings of all cultures in discovering meaning and fulfillment in their current lives and relationships. I help those who tend to be experiencing the following, among others:
  • Life transitions: identity shifts, confusion, and crisis; wanting or needing to change but not knowing how; struggling to move on from the past and move forward in life; feeling lost, stuck, afraid, or overwhelmed with confusion
  • Identity and Sexuality Issues: loneliness, angst, emptiness, fear, lack of meaning, struggling to know yourself and your sexuality
  • Emotional & psychological distress: depression, anxiety, mood swings, nervousness
  • Shame: difficulty valuing or accepting yourself; feeling unlovable, worthless, guilty, or to blame; self doubt
  • Unhealed wounds from childhood
  • Anger
  • Trauma
  • Grief
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Resorting to excessive substance use
  • Codependency: struggling to strike a healthy balance between individuality and togetherness with others
  • Unwanted thoughts: racing thoughts, unable to understand yourself and your patterns, feeling helpless
  • Struggling to make choices
  • Strained relationships with loved ones
  • Couples issues: constant arguing or conflict with partners or loved ones, unhealthy communication, lack of intimacy or fulfillment, relationship transitions, premarital counseling, parenting issues, growing apart
  • Siblings Issues: unhealthy family dynamics and means of communicating, power struggles and imbalances, constant arguing, chronic tension and anxiety, anger, resentment, alarming behaviors or symptoms manifesting in one or more family members, sibling resentment or competition

I specialize in holistic relational depth psychotherapy that looks at people as an integrated whole. I help individuals, couples, and siblings through life and relationship transitions by helping them explore the meaning behind their patterns, thoughts, feelings, and means of relating to create the space for healing and change within.  
My training was grounded in an existential-humanistic approach inspired by relational, psychodynamic, and somatic therapeutic philosophies. I see my role as one that tries to connect with people in a holistic way so that they may better see themselves and change by autonomously creating who they want to become.
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LMFT #98700
M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Seattle University
B.A. in Political Science from Syracuse University

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