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Welcome! Sometimes it's hard to face the fact that you're struggling. But the reality is that we all struggle; each and every one of us! I know what it's like to be in a place of needing delicate attention, guidance, and feeling raw and vulnerable. I understand indefinitely what it's like being on the client side of things. I've gone through lots of therapy myself, years of it. And because I'm a wounded healer, I am passionate and dedicated to continuing my journey to grow.

I believe every person has the answers to the burning questions they are asking. They are there inside all of us, stifled by the dark beliefs that we carry about ourselves. All we need is a flicker of compassion and forgiveness to light our way; and once we begin to trust ourselves and find a glimmer of hope, or love, or permission to find the answers, then the healing journey begins, and there is no looking back.
Sometimes it's hard to imagine what the outcome of change might be, but what would happen if you didn't take a chance to change at all?  How would things be if you stayed right where you are? Take a chance and believe in yourself! It all begins with you, within. Change comes from within.

 I am a Registered Psychotherapist, and I hold a Masters in Counseling from Regis University. Over the years I have worked with a number of healers, including shadow coaches, aromatherapists, shamans, and energy workers. I believe healing is more than just one dimensional. Currently at my private practice, I work with adults with a variety of struggles. Please call or email me anytime to talk about what is bothering you. Also, check out my website, because you'll find out more about me and what I'm like as a therapist.  

Remember, always, when you come in to see me, this is YOUR time, your therapy, and you always are in control of how fast you discover things about yourself. You choose the pace, what you want to share, and like a guiding light, I help you through the tough areas to better places.

It's also noteworthy to mention, if you want to see movement and results from your therapy, you must be willing to work. As much as I wish I had a crystal ball and a magic wand, to make everything, POOF, go away, I don't. Be willing to look at yourself and be open to change. That's it.  Just know you really do have the power to change your life! BELIEVE!

I can't wait to see you soon!  

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