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About Alyson
I am a Registered Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists   In addition to the standard interventions such as CBT,  I am trained in EMDR, which is effective for phobias, PTSD, and various traumas. I also have training in Somatic Experiencing which is a body-based trauma therapy developed by Dr. Peter Levine. I am currently not accepting new clients.

Areas of Practice and Fees

I work primarily with depression, anxiety and stress, grief and loss, phobias, and trauma-related issues. I offer my services on a sliding scale based on household income, as I firmly believe that counselling should be available to all who wish to make changes in their lives. I work individually with adults who wish to improve their emotional wellbeing and learn skills to help them live full and balanced lives.
Deciding to seek out counselling is a big step and, for many people, one that has required a great deal of courage to take. During the first session, I will do my best to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. You are in charge at all times and have the right to direct the course of your therapy. As we work together, the focus will be on moving forward to realize the changes you would like to see in your life. We will monitor progress, set and reset goals, and work towards the day when you have no further need of my services. My aim is to help you develop the skills and tools to meet and overcome life's challenges.
I bring an open curiosity to my counselling relationships and a deep respect for my clients' expertise in their own lives. I believe that every client has within her- or himself an innate drive for wholeness and healing. My work is to guide my clients to discover this drive and to help them develop the skills to tap into it. My role is not to "fix" your problems or tell you what you should do. I see my work with clients as a partnership with a focus on helping my clients achieve the counselling goals they have set for themselves. I look forward to being your guide on your journey towards wellbeing. 

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