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I am passionate about working with couples and individuals needing support on relationships.
 Couples Counselling 
  • Feeling yourself shut down when your partner speaks to you?
  • Feeling you cannot count on your spouse?
  • When disappointment arises, do you express upset?
  • Tried everything you know how, but feel your partner does not understand you?

You are not alone.  Over the years, I have worked with many couples with similar experiences.  I have found that there are usually very good reasons for these feelings or reactions.  Understanding how these feelings and reactions arise has been helpful in resolving conflict with partners.   We all need connection and connection with our partners is usually most important.  
My approach and About Me
I have never had the same conversation twice.  This is why I tailor the sessions to meet your needs.  Many of my clients have expressed that they have found that I hear all sides and see where everyone is at.  
Couples Counselling for One
 Sometimes both partners are not ready to start therapy.  Other times one partner wants the space to sort out their feelings without worry of upsetting their partner.  This tells me how valuable you see your relationship and want to protect it.  Individual counselling can be helpful in learning how you can make changes and learn about yourself.  Throughout the sessions, I will keep your partner’s feelings in mind – to remain objective and support you.  

Affair or Betrayal
You found out that your partner had an affair and you are not sure what to do.  You may be feeling confused because you feel that you should leave the relationship, but your history and connection keeps you in.  Maybe you had the affair.  You regret it and realize you can lose your partner.  You may be scared and hanging on by a thread.  We can work together to resolve the pain and find a way to repair your relationship. 
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