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I am passionate about working with trauma survivors. People often identify themselves by past experiences. But who you are is greater than what you have done or had happen to you. I have training and experience in Play Therapy for ages 4-12, and Seeking Safety for adolescents and adults. Children cannot often appropriately communicate their experiences and emotions through traditional talk therapy. Children communicate through play, and process past experiences through play therapy. In play therapy, I find it important to partner with the caregivers of children to provide the best care for them as they embark on the journey of healing from trauma. For teens and adults, Seeking Safety provides safe coping skills to increase emotional safety that has been damaged through life experiences. Regardless of what has been experienced in the past, these events do not have to have control or power over your future.

My faith as a Christian provides the energy for my work, but I have tremendous respect for each person’s story and strive to honor the client’s differing views and choice on whether or not to incorporate issues of faith or spirituality into therapy. My professional experience includes residential adolescent drug and alcohol treatment, residential administration and treatment in a family treatment center, as well as private practice. Through these experiences, I have grown greatly as a therapist and as a person. I have worked with a wide variety of mood and anxiety disorders, childhood trauma, personality abnormalities, and all stages of addiction and recovery. No matter what symptoms are present, choices that have been made, or lifestyles that have been lived, I see each client as an individual, valuable and holistic person. Each person has a story to tell, lessons to learn, and a purpose to serve. I find great joy in working with clients as they explore what these areas mean to them and how they can thrive!

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