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Amanda is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Charlotte, NC, with ten years of counseling experience.  She works with adults experiencing general life transitions, general depression and anxiety, and those seeking career counseling.  With specialized training in Reproductive and Maternal Mental Health, she sees women and men who are struggling with infertility, who have experienced miscarriage or the loss of a young child, unplanned pregnancy, as well as postpartum depression and anxiety.  Amanda believes in the importance of the therapeutic alliance and strives to create a safe, confidential, and nonjudgmental environment for her clients so that therapy may be powerful and transformative.  Amanda will assist you in identifying coping strategies to manage stress, establishing goals and breaking down barriers preventing you from living the life you want, and addressing negative thinking patterns which contribute to your mood and behaviors.  Daytime and evening hours are available.  Check out Amanda's website at for more information.


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