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I bring a deep sensitivity and nurturing approach to my therapy practice. I believe that we become who we truly are in a safe, welcoming, and loving environment -- free from judgement and imposed expectation. Working with me you can expect to feel unconditionally seen for who you are, and safely encouraged to explore the most challenging parts of your life.
In recent years, I have spent time as an on campus psychotherapist at both Gunn High School in Palo Alto and at Lowell High School in San Francisco. My time working with these populations has given me a unique understanding of teens and their emotional needs, particularly those under tremendous academic stress and those navigating adolescent life events and familial conflict. I work with teens and adolescents on issues around anxiety, depression, difficulty in school with peers and time management, in addition to addressing low self-esteem and negative self-talk. When working with an individual in their teens, I will incorporate work with the family when appropriate to increase healthy communication between family members and strengthen familial relationships. I find that when possible, providing an entire family system with tools for communication and support will take the work we do in the office and solidify a strong platform for continued growth in the outside lives of these individual clients. 
I am passionate about the work that I do and believe in the healing a therapeutic relationship can provide. Through trust, healthy boundaries, reliability, and safety in relationship I believe that any individual can begin to find their own core strength and sense of self. From the knowledge of being truly integrated and confident in our own value, healing begins to permeate throughout all areas of our lives. Seeing my client's develop into confident and joyful individuals, achieving their goals and pursuing new interests, has been the most fulfilling part of this work for me as a clinician. 
My experience is in working with individuals, teens and their families, young adults, and with life transitions, anxiety, depression, and early childhood trauma. My theoretical approach is rooted in Carl Rogers and the humanistic model, interpersonal with a particular focus on lifespan development, attachment theory, and family systems. I will sometimes employ CBT tools to encourage clients in developing autonomy, seeing results and feeling empowered in their process.
My goal is to be a trusted source of support in your journey, and to guide you through your individual healing process.

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