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You are a whole person, and within you lies a wellspring of peace, healing, love, and joy. This place - the sacred heart of each person, where there is room for sadness to be held, anxiety to be heard, anger to be soothed - is always accessible, and ever-present.
Unfortunately, the storms and trials of life can sometimes obscure this space. Sometimes we are caught in a fog of depression, lost and stumbling, and we can't find our way. Sometimes we experience deep hurt, and walls go up, blocking us from the path to peace. Sometimes others, out of misguided fear, work hard to prevent us from experiencing the freedom that comes with living in the connected moment. Whatever it is, we often find ourselves needing help and reaching out.
This brave, courageous step - one made with heart open, hands outstretched - towards therapy, is one that will reap  clarity, an ever-deepening peace, and increased awareness into the joys and beauty of the present moment. As a therapist, I am always deeply honored and moved when someone chooses me to walk this journey with them.
Together, we will discover a way of being with the hard things in life that doesn't involve being locked in a battle with them - but instead, allows us to find peace even in the eye of the storm. We will not only work towards alleviating symptoms, but we will also gently and thoughtfully explore the roots of the issues at hand, bringing them into the warm light of awareness and love. 
As a therapist, I believe in the preciousness and the infinite value of each person who walks into my office. Every person - no matter who they are - is deserving of unconditional love and respect. This loving-kindness that I offer to each client is part of the healing process, because it is only in true safety that healing can take place.

I have spent many years working as a counselor in various capacities. I have a degree in Clinical and Counseling Psychology, and have training in meditation and holistic wellness. I practice eclectic therapy, meaning that I tailor interventions to each unique client's needs. 
Along with previous training, I am diligent about staying up-to-date with the latest scientific research and treatments available. I read constantly (and also tend to prescribe books!), attend seminars, and receive mentoring and supervision from excellent therapists in the field.  I utilize a lot of mindfulness in my work with clients, because it is one of the most well-studied and effective modes of therapy available to us today, and I have personally and professionally found it to be a wonderful tool.
My office is in a beautiful historic building in downtown West Chester, Pennsylvania. The office is serene, quiet and peaceful. I always keep bottles of water and healthy snacks on hand, and have comfortable couches with lots of pillows and blankets.  There is private parking in the back of the building. For more information, please visit my website!

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