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NEW CLIENTS WELCOMED! I am your co-pilot as we navigate a path that helps you to “wake up” and create the necessary shifts to create new results in your own life. You are reading this because you are ready enough to start looking for answers to your frustration with repeating patterns, self-sabotage, and self-doubt. Visualize overcoming personal hurdles and taking brave steps to create the life you are excited to wake up for every day. Change is a process and that is where my experience as a supportive, challenging & creative therapist serves to assist you in developing self-worth, self-confidence, and self-direction.

I am trained to integrate traditional & creative psychotherapy techniques designed to push you out of your comfort zone a bit at a time as you build your confidence practicing new skills. We will uncover your roadblocks and work to move them out of your way in order to achieve a daily life that is more satisfying, productive and meaningful to you.

It is not lost on me how brave you are to seek support and insight. Most do not take this step. Therapy is a process and the best investment you can make in yourself. In me, you will have someone in your corner wanting nothing but the best outcome for you in this thing called life. You are worth it! I believe in the power of YOU. Reach out & connect today.

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