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Every human is unique and should never be treated in a generic manner. I have been told by my clients that I am open and fair and easy to confide in.
I am happily married with two great adult children of my own. Life has had many ups and downs but the bumps have only strengthened my appreciation for family.
I find that once a week works for most clients but I am flexible. The duration depends on severity and client motivation to get better and can range from several months to several years.
I specialize in child and family therapy, including a specialization in adolescent issues and young children.
My approach to therapy is from a developmental perspective and I do well with challenging cases.
I work with families and individual family members in the form of family therapy sessions, domestic violence issues, depressive disorders, anxiety and conduct disorders in children and adolescents.
I utilize psychodynamic and behavioral cognitive techniques. My fees range from $200 per session to $300 
I have over 20 years of private practice experience with children, teens, adults, and families.

My past experience includes The Sycamores in Pasadena California with (SED) children who were unable to attend public school because of discipline and emotional problems where I taught training sessions for the teachers, staff, and parenting.

I interned at The Switzer Center in Torrance, California, for one year.  My responsibilities consisted of therapy for Severely Emotionally Disturbed, Abused, Learning and Developmentally Disabled Children, ages 7 to 20, for which I provided therapy, case management and psychological assessments and evaluations, including achievement and other educational testing as well as testing for Attention Deficit and other childhood learning disabilities and disorders.

I completed my pre-doctoral internship, in private practice, in the Community Counseling Center at Cerritos, as a psychological assistant where I provided psychotherapy with children, ages 5 to 22, parents, family therapy, couple’s therapy.  I taught parenting classes, conducted group therapy sessions and worked with the Victim’s Witness Program in Cerritos in conjunction with the Cerritos and Los Angeles Police Department.  At this clinic, I worked with differing disorders including personality disorders, substance abuse, child abuse, psychosis, and developmental disorders.
My first pre-doctoral internship was at Cedars-Sinai Medical where I worked in the therapeutic nursery school with SED children and their families.

While attending post-graduate school to receive my degrees, I ran a daycare for special needs children from my home.  These were physically or mentally handicapped children that needed specialized care while the parents were at work.  I ran this daycare for three years and gained valuable experience with autism, ADD, and developmentally challenged children.

Before that, I trained for and ran a Montessori class for first and second-grade children.  It was a five year period which gave me a good basis for the training and education of children and their parents.

I have successfully raised two children of my own and they excelled at school, despite a language disorder, and both have a very positive outlook and solid experience with life.  I am still married to their father with a strong love and feel that I know what a functional family should be like because of all our positive experiences.

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