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  • Licensed Psychologist
  • 3310 Ponce de Leon, Coral Gables, Florida, 33134
  • Phone: 772-284-6216
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  • Session Fees: $220 per session. Sliding scale and/or financing available.
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Email, Phone, IM, Webcam

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My Approach:
I am trained in many modalities of therapy including psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral but I also use more experiential treatments such as EMDR for releasing patterns and traumas that are stuck and resistant to talk therapy.  I have had many client express a "WOW" when an issue that has haunted them for decades releases in a matter of hours.  I also incorporate other modalities including yoga, meditation, mindfulness and a strong understanding of functional medicine, nutrition, naturopathy and Chinese medicine into my approach.  In doing so, my clients tend to feel relief that they are receiving an integrated point of view that truly looks at them as a whole person rather than just their symptoms. 
What my clients say:
 Dr. Amy Rein has been my psychologist for many years. Her guidance with my spouse and family has given me much confidence and strength. Dr. Rein has given me the ability to look at the root of the problem, identify with it and then address specific issues with a new approach. This has ultimately come from my own personal development! I am now better able to work with my emotions which are vital to promote change, rather than have them working against me. Dr. Rein has given me much healing and wisdom! Thank You!!!!!!!!
What you can expect:
  • Feel better.
  • Gain insight into your issues.
  • Enjoy greater peace of mind.
  • Feel more alive, hopeful, joyful
  • Feel more relaxed and at ease.
  • Improve your communication.
  • Enjoy better relationships and enhanced intimacy
  • Have a greater quality of life!

My office:
I have offices in Stuart Fl, Delray Beach Fl and Coral Gables, Miami, Fl.  I also treat clients online through video conferencing. At my Stuart and Miami offices I also offer acupuncture, wellness therapies, meditation and yoga.  If you are looking for a mind-body approach to wellness we can design a treatment program for you that address all of you from a holistic and mind-body approach.  Call me for more information and I would be happy to discuss it with you further.
Rates and Insurance:
Although I do not take insurance, I do my best to work with in your budget by designing a treatment plan in stages if necessary.  In addition I have several financing options available.  We can set up a program to spread out your payment over a longer period of time to make treatment accessible and available to you now rather than when you have the funds.  Please call me to discuss further. 

More than talk...

I believe talk is cheap, which is kind of funny since I offer talk therapy. But the truth is most of us are very disconnected from our truth, our essence, our core being and most of us are fairly proficient at talking circles around what deeply pains us. My job is to hold the mirror, so that my clients can see deeper into themselves in a safe, and very nurturing environment. I am also a dedicated yogi and yoga instructor.

My Mission....

The meaning of life and how to live fully inspires me to learn and grow on a daily basis. Truth, honesty, passion, playfulness, authenticity, acceptance, gratitude, essence, patience, tolerance, gentleness...frequent my vocabulary. It is my personal hope that guests at the Rein Center will find greater meaning, live more fully and move towards the truest essence of their being. 

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