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  • Psychotherapist, Certified Life Coach
  • 4933 Tamiami Trail N, Suite 200, Naples, Florida, 34105
  • Phone: 305-814-0047
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I guide women and couples to heal from the pain of their past and discover the purpose and power within it.  Instead of feeling stuck and weighed down, your past can become something you may never have imagined it could be - your greatest asset (truly!). If life was feeling pretty amazing after having done the hard work of psychotherapy...and then suddenly it didn't feel so amazing, then coaching with me may be exactly what will help to tackle whatever is coming up and get you to the next level.
You may be experiencing relationship stress, re-triggering like the telltale “emotional rollercoaster” (exhausting, right?!) or even difficulty taking action to move your life forward even though you’ve already worked through so much. The good news? This is actually a normal part of the process of healing from trauma and it can be something we USE instead of it using us!
 I come alongside you so that together we can identify and alleviate the trigger, set back, stuck or “regressed” feeling…whatever issues that come up after the initial layer of wounding has been healed. Through compassionate, deep listening and tapping into the insight your own body and soul are offering, we will guide you to discover even more strength. You’ll learn new tools, gain powerful insight and greater sensitivity to what you need in this phase of your healing and beyond.

The journey of healing is never complete, which on the surface may feel discouraging, and yet it’s in that lifelong journey that we can and WILL find your greatest gifts in life. “The healing is in the suffering.” I'm here for you today.

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