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  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • 2301 East 28th Street , Signal Hill/ Long Beach, California, 90755
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  • The single most important event in my life was meeting a therapist as a child.  I did not know going into that meeting that this would set me on a path that would eventually become my life's work.  As a young person there came a time that I was no longer happy (depressed), stopped caring about the world around me (ambivalence) and "forgot" why I should exist (purposeless).  My parents became concerned, sought out a therapist and eventually that experience brought me to you.  That therapist, my first therapist, the intelligent, sweet and soft spoken woman gave voice to my thoughts and meaning to my feelings.  She helped my family, as individuals and as a family system learn to communicate and understand one another, and in doing so she changed my life.  That was the reason that I decided to become a therapist.  I did not know that then, I barely knew what a therapist was at that time.  I did know however, that I wanted to be like her, I wanted to learn to do what she did and thus began my never ending journey.

I never really strayed too far from my chosen profession.  I had the good fortune to work in multiple settings, with numerous populations; everyone from incarcerated, free, poor, wealthy, court mandated, teenager, baby, adult, hiv infected, straight, gay, somewhere in between, sexually abused, perpetuator, criminal, victim, tragedy survivor, tragedy collaborator, politicians, mothers, fathers and history makers have sat, scooted, walked, or slumped into my office at one time or another. I have assisted others through their personal narratives of divorce, death, marriage, self doubt, parenting, addiction and numerous other life situations.  I have been the lead on Federal Judge's Tours of Prisons, the major player in Hostage Negotiation Teams, a guest as an "expert" AND as a "parent" on children's developmental television, a developer/collaborator of Substance Abuse Programs used nationally, and through it all I continued to attend trainings, develop workshops, earn specialized certifications, collaborate with other professionals and continued to look in earnest for more ways to use my knowledge to help you. 
Today I come to you as a seasoned professional, a woman with intellectual and emotional insights rich in the power to assist you in making significant changes in your life. I am an educator, coach, collaborator and student of whoever my client is, and when I am with you there is nothing more important to me than you.  I am without ulterior motives, can keep your secrets and am skilled in making objective meaningful interventions, I dare you to find a friend or a loving family member that can say all that and have it be true!  I know every person would benefit from coming to therapy.  Psychology, therapy, family counseling, and psychotherapy are all words used to describe the fine art of therapy AND are not just other words for "common sense!" Feelings, thoughts and their accompanying actions are what makes your character, shapes your life and in the end, defines your personhood.  What makes you, "you" is much more complex than simply identifying possible solutions to life's challenges.  Therapy is understanding who you are, but also understanding how you get in your own way, and actually learning new ways to be, developing acceptance, self love and empathy for the person that you turned out to be today! 
I believe the most important part of your life, is YOU!  The most important investment you will ever make, is not a car or a house....the most important investment you will ever make is within yourself.  Please don't neglect your most important asset or try to bargain shop with your essence.  Invest in what matters, and the rest of YOUR life will be better for it.  

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