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I am a registered psychotherapist/art therapist offering both talk and art therapy primarily to clients dealing with mental health challenges.

I earned my undergraduate degree in Environmental Design from OCAD University. My studies at an art and design school played an integral role in my developing a keen interest in the human mind and its connection to art and design ideas. In fact, my architectural thesis was based on comprehensive research I had conducted into the human mind and how broader environmental issues such as the economy and the political landscape can play a role in changing the construction of our cities.

With this background interest in art and human psychology, my career ambitions gravitated towards the up-and-coming field of art therapy – a field aimed at creating tools to help people better cope with their anxiety, anger and a whole host of other mental health challenges.

I have conducted psychotherapy in a range of different settings – in hospitals, schools, hospices, as well as office environments. No matter the setting, however, I make sure to help my clients feel safe and comfortable in sharing their thoughts and feelings in a non-judgmental space. I am very comfortable assessing clients and developing individualized psychotherapy programs targeted to their individual needs.

Art is just a simple tool used to start the conversation. Often times, all it takes is to ask a client to look at images and colours and to share their thoughts and feelings about what they see. In other instances, the process will focus less on verbal interaction and more on the creative process itself. There are times, for example, when clients are simply too tired to use words to express themselves or feel that their pain is beyond words. In those instances, the simple act of holding a brush and playing with colours becomes a tool for initiating a conversation.

As noted previously, I have been working in both clinical and office settings - including hospitals, schools, non-profit organizations, as well as my own private practice - for some time. I offer both one-on-one as well as group therapy to my clients. My clients are quite diverse – ranging in age from children to the elderly - and include individuals from various cultural backgrounds. Each one likewise faces his or her own unique challenges, from anxiety to depression to addiction to anger to suicidal thoughts, as well as other mental and physical challenges.

I strongly believe that each human being has an innate need to share the memories and stories that are hidden in their minds. This is sometimes best accomplished by sitting down with people who are not intimately involved in our lives and opening up about those things that are hidden from view in the recesses of our minds - things that cannot openly be expressed in front of our families or friends.

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Please feel free to contact me and I would be happy to have an initial meeting with you to discuss how I might best be able to help you.

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