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Hi. I'm Andrew. How can I help?

I'm a grounded, compassionate, client-centered, and trauma-conscious therapist working with teens, adults in relationships, millennials, young & new parents, and poly-/non-monogamous adults. I draw from a range of styles, including psycho-dynamic theories, Gestalt, attachment-based, and mindfulness-based techniques to create an organic and collaborative space, in which we can safely see, understand, and untangle the knots in your life that are holding you back.

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 My Experiences

I bring with me experience and education that grounds me in sociology, East-West psychology, philosophy and religion, cultural anthropology, astronomy, theater, music, and visual arts.

I’ve earned an A.A. in social sciences, a B.A. in sociology, and a M.A. in clinical psychology from schools throughout southern California. I’ve also worked alongside public health policy reformers, social justice advocates, educators, theater troupes and directors, psychedelic therapists and researchers, and corporate executives.

On the side, I’ve years of improvisational comedy, animal care, and grassroots campaigning under my belt, a slew of art projects (photography and music) here and there, and today, I volunteer with harm reduction organizations and support their efforts to reform mental health access and treatment at mass gatherings and events throughout California.

How I Work

I will draw from depth psychology, psychodynamic and psychoanalytic theories, post-modern (feminism, narrative, and solution-focused) theories, Gestalt, and Attachment-based perspectives. Practically, this means that I will help you explore your history and highlight any links to the present; we can then assess and change what we can in the present moment so you can reach your therapeutic goals.


$120. I can adjust for special circumstances or in times of dire need, but these spots in my schedule are limited so it isn't guaranteed. No insurance accepted yet, because I am an "Associate" registered MFT.

Education & Credentials

A.A. Social Sciences (Cerro Coso Community College)
B.A. Sociology (CSU Dominguez Hills)
M.A. Clinical Psychology - LGBT Studies, Spiritual Psychology (Antioch University)

Best Ways to Reach Me

By phone (I'll get back to you within 24 hours): 323.507.3778
By e-mail (very secure and private):
Through my website:

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Los Angeles CA