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Hi. I'm Andrew. How can I help?

I'm an integrative (that means I pull from a variety of techniques and approaches, to suit your needs) therapist working in Southern California. I currently provide telehealth services across the state (so long as you're in California) and until it becomes safe enough for in-office visits. I am a native of the deserts of California, a gay-identified male (he/him/his) from a bi-racial and immigrant-mixed military family, and I call the west coast of the United States (particularly the deserts and mountains) my home.

 My Experiences

I bring with me experience and education that grounds me in sociology, East-West psychology, philosophy and religion, cultural anthropology, astronomy, theater, music, and visual arts.

I’ve earned an A.A. in social sciences, a B.A. in sociology, and a M.A. in clinical psychology from schools throughout southern California. I’ve also worked alongside public health policy reformers, social justice advocates, educators, theater troupes and directors, psychedelic therapists and researchers, and corporate executives.

On the side, I’ve years of improvisational comedy, animal care, and grassroots campaigning under my belt, a slew of art projects (photography and music) here and there, and today, I volunteer with harm reduction organizations and support their efforts to reform mental health access and treatment at festivals and events throughout California and more broadly in society.

How I Work

I will draw from depth psychology, psychodynamic and psychoanalytic theories, post-modern (feminism, narrative, and solution-focused) theories, Gestalt, and Attachment-based perspectives. Practically, this means that some moments, I’ll be attentively listening – other moments, I’ll challenge a thought or idea --- and yet other times, I’ll offer coping skills and help ground us in the moment. I may also direct our focus to otherwise-ignored parts of ourselves by mentioning your body language, voice intonation The result of our unique relationship is a relatively holistic form of therapy, tailored to your needs.

  Who I Work With

A therapeutic experience depends on the relationship its rooted in. This means that some relationships will be more therapeutic than others at different times in our lives. I tend to best help those finding themselves buried by work, school, and family life, are pulled in different directions by relationships and desires, or are ‘in transition’ (say, changing homes, changing jobs, or dating to married).

And to further that point, I most often work with youth and young adults (male-identifying, commonly), millennials, young parents, creatives, artists, spiritual seekers, educators, other therapists and counselors, entertainment professionals, social justice activists, students, and LGBTQIA+ youth and adults.

If you don't identify yourself as part of any of those above-mentioned groups, don't worry -- we can still work together! If any part of what you read here resonates with you, reach out -- we can chat briefly and check each other out. I only mention these groups above because historically, these are the people that tend to be drawn to me in my practice.

 What to Expect as We Start

The first few sessions are spent largely with us getting to know each other -- if I feel like we're a fit, if you feel like we're a fit, and what (if anything) you want to really look at in your life given the time we have together. This means, depending on the unique things about us, we might move fast, we might move slower.

While I am a more 'holistic' therapist, I will frequently be making connections (that I'll draw your attention to) between past and present themes and behaviors, and asking you to stretch your imagination sometimes about the future. I might also call attention to how I notice your current reactions/tone of voice/body language and other cues that might otherwise go un-noticed. On the other hand, you might just want to decompress about your week, and I'm there for that, too.

So, Now What?

If any part of me, my page, my location (telehealth in California), my specialties, glimpses into my personal interests and life, strike you with any curiosity about how/if we could work together, please reach out! I am responsive (within 24 hours during weekdays), and am pretty easy to work with in terms of scheduling, if I have the space. Scheduling our 15-minute conversation (no cost) is the 1st move. We'll take it from there!


$120. I can adjust for special circumstances or in times of dire need, but these spots in my schedule are limited so it isn't guaranteed. No insurance accepted yet.

Education & Credentials

A.A. Social Sciences (Cerro Coso Community College)
B.A. Sociology (CSU Dominguez Hills)
M.A. Clinical Psychology - LGBT Studies, Spiritual Psychology (Antioch University)

Best Ways to Reach Me

By phone (I'll get back to you within 24 hours): 323.507.3778
By e-mail (very secure and private):

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Los Angeles CA