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It's all too much. The never-ending responsibility to care for others at work and meeting your loved one's needs at home is a heavy weight to bear. As a high achiever, you've always been able to take on life's demands. But lately, you're trying to do it all while feeling completely overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with self-doubt, anxiety, and sometimes even feeling debilitated/frozen. At the end of the day, you're disappointed in yourself for being short with others, going through the motions with no real joy, and realizing that none of your own needs were met. You're mentally exhausted, frustrated, & need help getting off this carousel.

Let me help. Together we'll get your mind, heart, and nervous system in alignment. As we reduce your level of stress and disappointment, you'll find your anxiety & daily suffering ease as well. Finally learning to be comfortable in your own skin allows you to create a life filled with genuine joy opposed a never ending to-do list & unrealistic expectations.


The clients who seek my services are typically adults who have a lot of responsibilities which include other people either at home (children/aging parents) or at work (physicians, nurses, EMT, fire fighters, social workers, CEOs, VPs, Administrators) where the decisions they make affect others to a great degree. They suffer from high anxiety, chronic stress (cortisol/adrenaline), syndromes i.e., IBS, chronic pain with no known etiology, autoimmune diseases, mild to moderate chronic depression, verbal and physical abuse (low self-esteem/anger), severe rejection (divorce or abandonment), physical injuries accidental and purposeful (surgeries) and complex trauma events (developmental/sexual assault), disconnectedness and sometimes these are managed through misuse of alcohol and substances (addiction).


Clients attribute their successful outcomes a result of a trusting therapeutic relationship (attunement), working with the nervous system and mirror neurons, purposefully redesigning neuron connections (alignment) and working on these strategies outside of sessions which increases their capacity to operate in a calm and active emotional state true to themselves (authenticity).


I started early in my career in addiction counseling (LCDC, MAC) and moved toward complex trauma (LCSW, CCTP, TBRI) learning most maladaptive behaviors, thoughts and feelings have a trauma source, sometimes unknown, directly or indirectly related to the person experiencing these maladaptive events. Currently, I continue to deepen my understanding of creating and redesigning the neuron pathways from our senses (inputs) to the brain and return neuronal information out to the body and mind (outputs). This is termed neuroplasticity and early, in life, mirror neurons play a pivotal role in this process. The primary therapy frameworks utilized, under the attachment & trauma informed lens, include: humanistic, cognitive, behavioral, psychoanalytic, and systemic treatment models (relational neuroscience/somatic experiencing). 


It's time to break the cycle of burnout and overwhelm. To love yourself & show up for the people who rely and depend on you including yourself. Call today to schedule a 15 minute free consultation. You'll learn how we can design a program together tailored to your own needs & goals. Let's erase those maladaptive behaviors that no longer serve you and bring back the joy in daily living.

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