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Free 30 Minute Initial Consultation

My approach to counselling is to provide an emotionally safe place for you to talk openly about what issues are bothering you. Through respectful, professional and a friendly manner, I listen attentively to your experiences. I am client-centered and will ask you to start where you feel comfortable; dedicating my time to focus on what is troubling you. Jointly, we will explore your personal issues, determine your goals and develop a treatment plan that works for you. Through therapy, it is my hope that you will move towards a more positive outlook on life and about yourself through empowering you with feelings of wholeness and well-being. I am committed to being part of your healing process and will support you all the way.

Additional Information about Me:

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor, a parenting group facilitator, and a Healthy Families Counsellor.


I have my Masters in Counselling Psychology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Child and Youth Care Counselling.  
I am an Individual, Family and Relationship counsellor. As a marital therapist, I can assist couples to help recognize and to better manage their differences or gridlocked conflicts, resulting in healthier and more effective communication and relationship. Some couples may feel more comfortable talking about their feelings and gridlocked conflicts in the presence of a counselor so they can move forward from the same argument and come up with a suitable solution. Married couples will be seen both individually and jointly by a therapist to assist them in resolving various marital problems. I have obtained Level 1 and 2 of Gottman Trained Marital Therapy.

 Through discussion, you will be able to:

increase your ability to use effective communication skills

understand one another’s perspective, attitude and behaviour

discuss what makes a relationship work and what a healthy relationship looks like

help identify specific problems and strengths in the dynamics of your relationship

understand gridlocked conflicts in your relationship

determine interventions and strategies that help strengthen your conflict management skills and move from the gridlocked issue to positive dialogue

Individual counselling can be useful for identifying problems such as family of origin issues, stress of a job, or feelings of worthlessness. Therapy can help confront some of your barriers that interfere with your mental and emotional well-being and help provide personal growth. You can get better insight of yourself, increase your positive feelings and enhance your quality of life. Therapy can also strengthen your ability to make the desired changes you could benefit from in your life.

Family counselling can help family members improve their communication and resolve some of their conflicts. Therapy can include all members of the family as well as only those who wish to participate. Through this therapeutic process, the therapist would aim to teach new skills to help strengthen family connection, provide tools to work through these stressful times, to enhance communication levels and deepen the family bond.

Some topics of discussion can include:

addiction issues

parental boundaries/ expectations and limits

cultural differences (parents having a difficult time with adopting to western beliefs and values)

working through the particular problem and coming up with a suitable strategy

adolescents, anxiety, depression, anger, stress and how that impacts the parent/ child relationship

dealing with abuse (emotional, physical, sexual)

dealing with trauma

dealing with eating disorders/ issues with body images

I am a counsellor serving children, adolescents, couples and families in Surrey, South Surrey, North Delta, South Delta, Langley, Richmond, and Vancouver.


I am registered with Crime Victim Services (who provide funded coverage for victims and witnesses of crime and abuse).


 I have been working as Healthy Families Counsellor at Deltassist for the past eleven years. I work with Ministry mandated clients and have the experience in helping individuals and families work through the various issues that are interfering in their ability to parent effectively or maintain a healthy relationship. My goal is to help increase their skills to better their situation. This includes marital counselling, psycho-education in parenting skills, helping couples understand the importance of attachment, and helping them better manage their mental health concerns while dealing with other life situations.


I also currently work with many Indo-Canadian Families on various presenting conflicts including family violence, addiction, abuse, parenting issues, cultural/ inter-generational differences between parents and children and needing assistance in connecting to community resources, such as legal aid. As I am fluent in Punjabi and Hindi, I can assist clients in communicating their needs with outside resources, while also speaking to them in a language they are familiar with, in individual or family sessions.


I have the experience of working as a Child and Youth Counsellor for over five years in a high school and community setting. I have worked with adolescents to address personal issues such as assertiveness, self-esteem, to build communication skills, help set boundaries, decrease and better manage stress, anxiety and depression and have mediated sessions between parents and adolescents to deal with cultural and inter-generational differences and various other parent/ teen conflicts.

My Style of Therapy/ Approaches Used

Holistic Approach



Narrative Therapy

Family Systems

Marriage and Couples Counselling

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Further training includes:

Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Certificate

Anger Management

Attachment training through Dr. Gordon Neufeld

Art and Play therapy workshops

Core Addictions Practice Certificate

Interpersonal Conflict Resolution Skills Certificate

Risk Assessment Training and Family Development Response

  Getting Started

The first step would be to contact me to arrange for a free thirty minute phone consultation. This assessment meeting would allow me to gather information and get a sense of the issues you may be facing. It would also allow me you to ask any questions you may wish to clarify, allowing you to get a better sense of who I am and if you feel I could benefit you. Once it’s been established that counselling would be helpful for you, we would arrange for our first session.

Subsequent Sessions

Together, we will develop an action plan. I will provide you with referrals and resources that will assist you in reaching your goals.

These sessions will vary from 60 minutes to two hours, depending on what you and I decide would suit your counselling needs.

My Availability

My hours are flexible and I am available mornings, evenings, and on weekends. Telephone appointments are also available.

Additional information can be found on my website at 

Angela Pallan Reaches

Surrey BC