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You may ask yourself, do I need therapy?  Is there something wrong with me?  What brings individuals in for psychotherapy varies from person to person.  Oftentimes family of origin issues, depression, anxiety, grief/loss, trauma, addiction, and sexuality are areas explored in psychotherapy. Deep self-reflection, however, can be emotionally upsetting when old wounds are uncovered. Together, we will work through your current day conflicts and/or distant memories at a pace with which you feel comfortable.


If you continue to find yourself behaving like, or engaging in relationships that carry with them patterns that resemble something from the past then it’s possible that you are being impacted from old learned behaviors.  The truth is relationships impact us, often times more than we recognize. Many of our earliest connections still influence us today in ways that are detrimental to our current relationships. The lasting effects of these early relationships can lead to depression, addiction, self-harm, issues with self-worth, and anxiety. 


The safety provided in a therapeutic relationship may help you gain new insight to old patterns of behavior and create the potential to relearn ways of relating to others and to yourself with more compassion.  In therapy the client has a corrective emotional experience with the therapist.  This corrective emotional experience relies heavily on the co-created relationship between a client and his or her therapist.  These experiences facilitate personal development and self-awareness.  Psychotherapy can lead to profound insight, understanding, and improvements in relationships with the overall outcome of your work possibly leading to a feeling of greater contentment in life. 


I work well with clients that are experiencing reoccurring emotions or thoughts that feel “stuck”, find that life seems more difficult to them than for others, or desire change in their self or their current situation.  My techniques have evolved within a depth psychotherapy framework influenced by Jungian and contemporary relational models.  Informed by this framework, I work best with clients that seek a deeper level of self-understanding.  While modality, techniques and education are important considerations, your treatment’s outcome will also be greatly influenced by the level of comfort you feel working with me.




Pacifica Graduate Institute, Carpinteria CA

MA - Counseling Psychology

PhD - Depth Psychology (in progress) 


Texas A&M Corpus Christi

MS - Geospatial Engineering

BS – Geographic Information Science




LPC Intern, Texas

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern (LPC Intern #71854, TX) under the supervision of Dr. Sylvia Richards.


Asking for help can be challenging so congratulations on starting your search. Finding the best psychotherapist can be a daunting task.  Consider how comfortable you feel during the first contact (phone or face to face).  Do you have room to speak freely and explore your emotions and ideas without judgment? Can you afford the fee, and if not can the therapist slide to an affordable rate?  Do location and office hours fit your needs?  Be sure to note the things you like and the areas of concern during initial meetings and discuss this with your therapist.


Feel free to call me for more information on the therapeutic process or to set up an initial consultation.

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