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 My Approach: 

It is my goal to help individuals, couple’s and families find healthy ways to cope with and grow from the challenges and adversities that life can sometimes bring. Having personal experience with weathering adversity (sometimes almost gracefully!), I am happy to share what has been helpful to me with others and also respect your right to choose what fits best for you. It has taken me a while to discover that true emotional and physical well being comes from a place of acceptance and facing the fear that binds you. Providing a safe, compassionate atmosphere is a key part of my work with clients and forms the foundation from which true positive change can be experienced. My professional and personal experience is that emotions are truly a blessing once they are understood and used as the guidance system they are meant to be. My consistent experience is that all of us have an innate desire to move toward a healthier happier life. Even seemingly unhealthy thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviours start to make sense and can change if explored from the non judgemental viewpoint that they are simply misguided attempts to protect oneself. While I am a passionate, highly skilled therapist and take my professional responsibilities very seriously, I see use of positive humour as a great source of strength, energy, and an important tool for coping. To that end, my aim is that you will leave sessions feeling hope, feeling lighter, benefit from specific strategies learned in our time together, and have a felt sense that you are understood, supported, and not alone in your struggles.
Professional Experience:

Over the past 20 years I have had the privilege of assisting many individuals, couples, children, youth and families to find the effective approaches and solutions best suited to their own unique needs. Areas of enhanced training and experience include children with learning difficulties, divorce and post separation conflict in families, grief, anger, ADHD, anxiety based issues in both children and adults, OCD, addictions, post-partum depression, PTSD, attachment, and general depression. Please visit my website for more detailed information about my qualifications and areas of interest. I also invite you to call me if you have any further questions about whether I am a good fit for your needs.
Business Hours and Cost:
I offer daytime, evening, and Saturday appointments. Sessions are either one or two hours in length (based on client's preference) and average cost is $135 to $147 per hour (HST included). My services are covered by most extended health benefit plans.

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