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  • Licensed clinical social worker
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Born in Michigan, I became a "naturalized" Texan when I was 5 years old.  Elementary and secondary education was of the public school variety in San Antonio and Dallas. I have a Bachelor of Science in Health and Physical Education from SMU, a Masters in Health and Exercise Science from SMU, and a Masters in Social Work from the University of Texas at Austin. I have taught physical education and directed a drill team at a private high school in Houston, coached competitive swimming in Houston and Dallas, served as a swim club administer, taught at Iowa State University and Auburn University, and was a program director for the Summer Swim Camp for the two head coaches at the University of Texas. I have traveled to Mexico, Hawaii three times, Tokyo, Japan, Seoul, Korea and Canada as well as many states.
During a personal crisis, I entered therapy and began to realize that as I got emotionally healthier and became more insightful to what "made me tick," I could offer this same gift of personal growth to others. My teaching experiences helped forge my therapeutic style of creating curiosity rather than blame for past behaviors, and emphasizing the critical importance of honoring emotional feelings, yet behaving and acting as a result of logical and rational thinking.
I believe we always have choices.  We may not like the choices available to us due to all sorts of situations and conditions, but we do have them. To accept that reality helps us recognize the control available in our own lives, and just as important, to know when we are powerless and be able to accept those situations rather to struggle in vain to change them.
The four most important actions and behaviors I instill in myself and in the people I'm honored to know professionally are absolutes for anyone wanting to live a rich, emotionally well-balanced life. These cornerstones of mental health are:
  1. A good night's sleep.
  2. Well balanced nutrition. Eating cleanly, with very few processed, packaged, treat or GMO foods.
  3. Active control of stress, both endogenous and the numerous stressors bombarding us from the environment and the people, places, and things in our world that may not lead to good health.
  4. Active exercise and less sitting.
Without these four pillars of wellness, no one can gain or maintain good health regardless of medications or care from others.
I have been practicing counseling and psychotherapy in private practice for over twenty years. My favorite client populations consist of those struggling with stress, anxiety, and depression; eating disorders such as bulimia, binge eating, and obesity; bi-polar counseling and support; life-coaching as it pertains to self-care especially in light of disappointments and discouragements; and marriage/couples counseling. 
The most important part of my life is family: husband, two children and two grandchildren. Blessed with this personal bedrock, I have learned that the unique contribution each person brings to a family is what holds people together, makes them accountable to themselves and each other, and thereby enriches our community and the larger world.
Throughout my career, I have been honored to facilitate the healing of fragmented relationships in marriages and families so people can go forward with more health and vitality in their relationships.

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