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You have lost someone or something in your life and are in immense pain.  Getting through life moment to moment is such a challenge.  Even the smallest things remind you of the loss and you find yourself in tears.  You may wonder if it will ever get better or sometimes what your purpose is anymore.  You feel very alone in your pain.

I love supporting women like you who are grievingbecause I truly believe I can help.  I have witnessed many people find hope and motivation to move forward with new life circumstances, find more moments of ease, peace, calm and eventually joy in day to day living.

In addition, I have personally experienced a cornucopia of instances of loss in my life, including death of a loved one, loss of relationship, miscarriage, job loss, and children leaving home, so my empathy for the pain has been lived. Together we move through the process of healing from the loss.  I am there to listen and accept you wherever that may be in your grief. 

If you are open to using the medium of dance/movement therapy in your healing process, I am a Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist, and know how to integrate the use of your body movement to explore and express your feelings.  You know how sometimes the pain is so deep that you cannot even find the words to express all that you are feeling?  That is the time you can turn to your body.  By doing so you can access thoughts and feelings that once expressed you can begin to understand and accept.  Together we explore ways of moving that may bring peace and comfort to an exhausted, frazzled mind and body. 

In addition to grief, I am also a therapist with a specialty in helping women with anxiety and stress.  I understand how debilitating anxiety can be.  Avoidance is the number one behavior I notice in my clients that restricts abilities to function in day to day life.  And the thing about avoidance is that it makes the anxiety grow stronger.  It can send you into a spiral of felling "out of control,"  too nervous to fulfill obligations or proceed with a clear and focused mind.  Anxiety can disturb much needed sleep, impair relationships, and wreak havoc on your body, causing headaches and stomach issues, and tax your ability to fight illnesses.  

I understand anxiety and will help you understand yours too.  I will work with you to learn about how yours is wanting to help you survive, and find mind/body strategies, using traditional talk therapy and/or dance movement therapy, to help you manage it so that you find greater peace and reclaim joy in your life.

I have witnessed transformation in my clients from many years working in the mental health field with some very distressed and distraught people.  I believe that from difficult, painful experiences you can eventually derive meaning, connect with a sense of purpose, and actually find fulfillment in life.   I invite you to call me (714) 941-2257 or email at to schedule a free 15 minute consultation. Together I am hopeful we can work toward you finding greater peace and reclaiming vitality and joy in your life.

Credentials and Experience
Over 25 years of experience in mental health, including inpatient psychiatric and addiction recovery centers
BA Psychology (San Diego State University 1987)
MA Dance/Movement Therapy (University of California at Los Angeles 1990)
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (2012)
Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist (1995)
National Certified Counselor (2012) 

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