Annette Erickson, MTC, BSc.- in Psych

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  • Master Therapeutic Counsellor
  • Offices Falher, Donnelly, Peace River, Alberta, T8S 1R7
  • Phone: 780 837 6064
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Are you feeling lost, scared, facing challenging and difficult times?
Struggling to find a sense of connection, belonging, purpose?

About Me:

It’s amazing to me how quickly 20 years have gone by since I started this work.

For me, this work is about empowering you to discover your truth and to realize your full potential.

I feel it is an honor to sit in a sacred space with you and to receive you, and your deepest truths.

My Philosophy:

My focus in counseling is not so much about changing people but about creating a place where change can occur.

I believe all of us have three very basic needs and when these basic needs are met we are on our way.

 The need to be seen.

 The need to be recognized.

 The need to be loved for who we are.

My Counselling Approach:

 Reflects my belief that I am here to help you discover the answers you already have within you by providing an experience to trigger this awareness for you.

 I base myself on an Integrative Psychodynamic approach. I look at a person holistically and address the thinking, feeling, and doing levels of a client.

 I draw from Existential, Gestalt, CBT, Solution Focused, and Person-Centered techniques depending on the client, their needs and their presenting problem.

Who Can Benefit From my Approach:

 People who want to create change in their lives.

 People who feel stuck lost or need direction and focus.

 People who looking to gain a better understanding of who they are.

 People dealing with anxiety, depression, loss, transitions and change. 

I Specialize In:

 Therapeutic Writing

 Women’s Issues

Other Areas I Help Clients with:

 Personal Growth and Empowerment

 Mid-Life Issues

 Grief, Loss, Bereavement

 Life Transitions

 Anxiety and Depression

 Self-Esteem and Self-Worth

 Childhood Sexual Abuse

 Care Giver Stress

 Family of Origin


 Inner Child Work

 Stress Management

 Relationship Issues

 LGBT, Self-Acceptance, Coming Out



 B.Sc. - Psychology

 Master Therapeutic Counsellor

 Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

 Prepare Enrich Counsellor

 Member of the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists (ACCT)

Additional Studies and Training:

 Therapeutic Writing

 Empowerment of the Individual

 Life Skills Coaching

 Crisis Intervention

 Suicide Prevention

 Issues relating to Sexual Abuse

 Facilitating workshops and seminars

 Counselling is Provided by Means of:

 in office counselling – Peace River and Donnelly

 on-line counselling via skype

 telephone counselling


On a more personal level, I am the proud mother of three wonderful daughters and a son who died when he was 14. I also have five beautiful grand-children.

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