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Ari E. Fox, LCSW-R is a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist in New York City. He has had the privilege of working with a diverse patient population with a wide range of presenting problems. He has worked in mental health clinics, schools and in private practice with children, adolescents and adults. Ari believes that when an individual is well-matched with the right therapist in a safe and supportive environment, profound positive change can occur. He focuses on the strengths of each individual he treats and helps them to feel more hopeful and less stuck in their lives. In the words of one 12 year old, "Ari is patient. He listens to me. So many grownups don't want to listen to kids like me, but Ari does."

 Ari believes that therapy can be extremely effective and can help you gain a deeper understanding of your needs, desires and goals. Throughout the therapy process, you will be able to process feelings and learn more about behavior, patterns and relationships.

In a safe and non-judgmental setting, Ari will collaborate with you to explore both areas of strength and aspects of your life that you would like to improve. At a pace that feels right for you, you may  the nature of your difficulties, identify patterns, behaviors and unresolved issues that could be interfering with your happiness and personal goals. You can develop new ways to manage stress and resolve conflicts.

Each individual Ari works with has his or her own unique needs, so he tailors treatment accordingly for everyone he sees. Ari specializes in relational psychodynamic psychotherapy and integrates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness work. With the right approach and the help and support of a skilled therapist, you can work toward the growth you want to realize in your life.  

Many children and teens have trouble verbalizing their feelings. In therapy, Ari can help your child label and understand his or her feelings, which can then be processed in a meaningful way. Children express themselves in many ways in therapy, including through play, drama, art and talking. They are able to explore and learn to reflect on their feelings and relationships in a setting in which every effort is made for them to feel safe and understood. 
  Ari has a special interest in school-related issues. He helps children, teens and adults cope with many challenges which can affect coping in school, including:
  • Social skills difficulties or social anxiety
  • Shyness 
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Bullying 
  • Acting out 
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Academic Underachievement

Ari also collaborates with school personnel (teachers, counselors, etc) and other providers, if necessary, to promote improved functioning and success in school.

In addition to his individual work with children, teens and adults, Ari facilitates group for children and teens. The groups focus on social skills and provides a safe environment for members who want to make more friends or develop the friendships they have.   

He earned a bachelor's degree in psychology from Brandeis University. While completing his undergraduate studies, Ari worked for the National Mental Illness Screening Project and with at-risk adolescents in a group home setting. After graduating from Brandeis, he worked as a program manager in a Boston-based supported living residence for individuals with mental illness and developmental disabilities. These positive work experiences confirmed Ari's decision to pursue a career in the mental health field and in 2002 he returned to his native New York City and enrolled in Hunter College School of Social Work. Ari completed two year-long internships, one with the Jewish Association for Services for the Aged and another on an inpatient unit at the Payne Whitney Clinic (of New York Presbyterian Hospital). He graduated in 2004 with a Masters in Social Work (MSW) and went on to obtain licensure as a clinical social worker in New York and New Jersey. In 2008, Ari completed a three year postgraduate certification program in child and adolescent psychotherapy at the William Alanson White Institute

“Having worked with Ari for many years, I can say with the utmost confidence thathe is a caring, well-trained, and practical therapist who helps his patients through a variety of personal and interpersonal struggles and challenges. He is just that type of therapist that I would want a close friend or family member to be treated by.”

Joseph Cousin, M.D.

“I have known Ari Fox as a trusted colleague for many years. He is a bright, talented, therapist with expertise in treating children and adults of all ages. I recommend him highly for his ability to connect with clients, his humor, wisdom, and effectiveness.”

Joseph Markowicz, LCSW-R

I have known Ari Fox, L.C.S.W. for many years. Mr. Fox is an intelligent, talented, conscientious, and ethical professional.

-Robert Gaines, Ph.D.


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