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My practice offers psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral therapies to help patients move beyond roadblocks towards personal growth. I see patients across the lifespan, and have been privileged to help people work through some of the most personal struggles in their lives. Together we can address problematic behaviors (e.g. insomnia, anger, procrastination), troubling emotions (e.g.depression, anxiety, anger, fear), maladaptive thought patterns (e.g. rumination, worry, self-criticism) and relationship issues (, family, dating). Taking the first step towards approaching your challenges can be scary. Looking for a therapist who you trust and with whom you feel comfortable is one of the most important factors in helping you move forward.

Trusting and feeling comfortable with your therapist is essential, so every beginning stage of work with me starts with a getting to know you phase, when I will learn more about what is bringing you in, and you can get a sense of how I work so we can see if working together is a good fit. During this time you can also ask any questions you have about the therapy process.  
Services I provide:
Diagnostic Evaluation​- A comprehensive assessment is at the core of a successful treatment to ensure we have a mutual understanding of our therapy goals.
Individual Psychotherapy -​The process of working to achieve your therapy goals, which will involve shifting thoughts, feelings and behaviors
Consultation - ​I offer specialized services for new and expecting parents. One specialty in my practice is perinatal mental health.
My Approach:
During the initial evaluation, we will begin to understand your current struggles, your desired goals for therapy and your personal and mental health history. This evaluation lasts between 2-4 sessions. Following the initial evaluation, we will discuss and agree on next steps.
 Many people ask how long to expect to be in therapy. Each person begins the process with different experiences and desires for what they hope to achieve. Some are more insight oriented and require more time to work through, while others are more behaviorally focused and require a brief, symptom-focused approach. I offer both short and long term psychotherapy. Each therapy is individually customized, and will be discussed during the initial sessions.

The therapeutic relationship is the single most important factor in successful therapy outcomes. Feeling comfortable with your therapist and sensing a good relationship fit is vital. I encourage discussions about our relationship over the course of therapy to ensure a safe and comfortable environment to work through deeply personal challenges in your life.
 I invite you to schedule an appointment below or call for a free phone consultation to discuss how we might be able to work together.

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