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Arthur holds a Master’s degree in Education (Counselling) and is a Registered Psychotherapist and Canadian Certified Counsellor. He has Coaching certification with Career Coaching International and specialized training in critical incident stress debriefing/trauma and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Arthur’s clinical private practice of more than 15 years is supervised by a Registered psychologist and as such fees are eligible for reimbursement by most extended health insurance plans.

Arthur's adopts a warm and unconditional approach to counselling his clients, allowing the journey to begin. He meets with individuals, couples, and families, on a wide range of issues. Included are stress management, coping with anxiety, depression, loneliness, anger, relationship issues, conflict mediation, men's issues, ADHD, trauma, loss and grief, coping with change, career transitioning, and much more. A great deal of  importance is placed on ensuring the client is feeling understood, problems are being accurately defined and effectively clarified, while maintaining a healthy respect and the necessary support is being offered.

Typical issues Arthur may work with include:
Individuals dealing with stress, anxiety, depression
Couples and family members in conflict
Anger management
Self-esteem/personal growth
Preparing and adjusting to retirement
Grieving loss of a family member/friend
Parents dealing with challenging children/ teens
Dealing with the loss of a close relationship
Coping with difficult workplace issues, burnout
Career transitions/life changes

Through shared dialogue, Arthur uses a variety of proven approaches when entering into a confidential and collaborative counselling relationship. The intention is to work together in a timely manner in bringing about the changes the client would like to make.  By carefully listening and building a solid rapport, he helps you along the journey toward identifying the real concerns, issues, or problems in your lives. Making it possible firstly, to promote with more accurate insight into the underlying reasons for why things appear to be the way they are; then facilitating the use of new skills and behaviours that prove highly desirable.

In his clinical practice, Arthur offers a genuine, non-judgemental and custom-tailored approach to meet the personal needs of the individual client. He uses various and widely-used theories, tools and strategies while ensuring the client is gaining the necessary help and guidance necessary for gaining clear results . The opportunity is presented in reaching your goals, making effective and responsible choices, ultimately being the architect of those changes you desire attended to at a comfortable pace and held in professional surroundings.

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