Atara Wertentheil, Ph.D.

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Every day, I work hard to provide a safe environment and build a trusting relationship with my clients. I want to have a supportive role in clients’ efforts to utilize their strengths, reach their full potential, and improve their lives.

I work with those of diverse backgrounds and challenges and am here to provide assistance for issues related to:

·       Cultural Identity

·       Personal Identity

·       Relationships with Family and Friends

·       Mental/Emotional Health

·       Learning Related Challenges, and More

I use an integrative relational approach to aid clients’ process of self-examination, helping them to see the role that relationships play in shaping their everyday experiences and understand the patterns that appear in their thoughts and feelings. I also provide neuropsychological assessment and counseling for those of all ages.

If you are suffering from any emotional distress or you simply want someone to talk to in order to make improvements in your life, please contact me today to learn more.

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Rockville Centre NY